Friday, January 30, 2009

my palm says...

Happy Moomoo Year y'all! =D

I got my palm examined by my aunt today, who (apparently) has a fengshui sifu and teaches her fengshui stuff; palm-reading being one of 'em.

So yeah. My palm says:
I don't think a lot.
I collapse on my bed and become a corpse (choi!)
Okay, I collapse on my bed and become a pig (I don't wanna be one!)
Okay, I fall asleep easily without much worries.
I don't save my money up.
I spend them instead.
I will have to take great care of my health as I grow older.
I will (according to my aunt) have an awesome career in the future.
And the later I get married, the better.
Mum: Yeah, Wen, don't marry unless you've reached menopause alright.
Me: Sure, mum.
Aunt: =.=" I don't mean that. Put your career first, Wen. Guys can come in later.
Me: Okay.
And, my (future) husband will be a (not extremely but creditably) good-looking man.

So yeah.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Why hurt when you love?

Why keep quiet when you love?

Why cry when you love?
Laugh together.

Why sigh when you love?

Why frown when you love?
Cheer up.

I wish we could all be kids.
There wouldn't be so much complication then.

Just speak our minds;
hurt and get hurt;
fight and punch;
cry our hearts out;
and hate each other.

The next day;
say "I'm sorry" and "it's okay";
couldn't care less;
play with all our might;
laugh out loud;
and hug each other.

Wish it's that simple.
...... I can only wish.

It's no fun growing up.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Uhh.. When was this again?
The day I skipped Culture Tutorial. Wednesday?
So yeah. Two hours of badminton with Elaine and her college friends in 3K.
I waited for an hour for her! Gawd.
But we had fun.
Or at least I had fun laughing at Elaine's many stupid actions.
Many, I tell you. =D
Here's Elaine making a serve.
*Elaine swings*
*Elaine hits the ball*
*The ball flies somewhere else*
*Elaine squeeks*

Elaine and SJ on my left.
SJ's skinny. But awesome. =D
Notice Elaine's doing something funny with her hand?
Yeah I think she did something stupid before that. =P

And here are uhh.. Who are they again?
ZhenDe and KongHui?
I think.
I'm bad with names, aite?
Sorry guys!

Elaine doing some cool moves here. =D
Okay I lied.
It wasn't "some cool moves",
it was just "a cool move".
Bwahahahah! XD

Worked out quite a lot that day.
I know, coz my arm's aching. =.="

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy birthday brian!

Brian my youngest bro is officially 11 today~
But everyone in the house still calls him Ah-Ti. (despite his size)

Brian: Y'all did a nice job there.
Brian: The birthday song was... Acceptable.
Me: Thank =.=" you your majesty.

Brian: I wish...

Brian: Eeeekk! Not gonna tell ya!

Brian: Phoooh~
*splitter splatter*
Me: I can hear your saliva.
Brian: Koff koff.

Brian: This. Cake. Is. Kind. Da. Hard. Tah. Cut. Ugh.
Brian: You there!
*Humph~ Heavy breathing.*
Brian: You cut!
*Humph~ Hemph~*
Me: Yes =.=" your highness.

Brian: My duty today is to enjoy.

Brian: So I'm gonna enjoy.
*Chomp chomp*

Brian: Mum I want sumooore!

Mum: *Cuts innocently*

Brian: Ooh laa laa~

Brian: I overestimated my mouth.

Brian: Whoops~ Dropped a piece.

Brian: Heeeh??

Happy birthday ya bro. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Had the mood to bake today. So I did.
Made the dough in record time, 40 minutes!
Hey the book says "preparation time: 45 mins" okay.
This was the first tray; second row; third biji. (biji?)
I cheated. A bit.
Instead of cocoa powder I used... I won't tell. Hahah!
So the colour didn't turn out as nice.
This was the first tray; second row; fourth biji. (yes biji.)
Notice the difference?The end product! =D
They do taste a bit... Burnt.
But they're still edible!
One for Xiao Qing,
one for Johnny,
one for Andy
and one for Victor.

Pictures taken by my bro Ben.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


For sparing your time for me,
for spending your time with me,
for listening to me,
for sharing my pain,
for being patient with me,
for all the advice you've given me,
for teaching me new things,
for the shoulder I leaned on,
for the hug that made me feel better,
for your effort to make me smile,
for simply being there for me,
I really thank you.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

in my phone

So I was loading the pictures in my phone to the computer. And I came across some pretty interesting pictures that... Uhh... Well... Good stuff should be shared! No? =D

Macam hantoo laa!
Who on earth...???

SannDee Toopai the Hantoo drinking water.
You should see her without the hood.
"Toopai look-a-like Championship"
Not a problem at all.

Remember Ivan?
-The Sleepyhead-

This guy can rrreeeaaalllyyy sleep, I tell you.

Before the second sem ended, we went for steamboat somewhere opposite our school. This is Andy in my car, looking stupid talking on the phone. (Was he really talking on the phone or did we make him to just for the camera? I think... I don't remember.)

While eating, Johnny came up with a brilliant idea.
Notice his mouth? =D
Then another brilliant fella joined him in his brilliant-ness. Aaron.
Then Johnny took the glass away. There was a deep red circle around his mouth. Yep. He sucked that hard. Owhkay this sounds so wrong.
The! Mess! We! Made! On! The! Table!
Was unintentional.
Anyway, towards the end of dinner, we still had food, cooked and uncooked. And any wasted food will be fined. RM6 per 100g! So we stuffed some more food in our already-very-extremely-bloated stomachs. Still couldn't finish everything. So we hid the uneaten food under piles of crab shells, prawn shells, lala shells, shells, other shells and loads of rubbish.

Under the surveillance of CCTV. Smart people.

I couldn't help it! I laughed my head off during dinner!
(another day, another occasion, another place)
My bro Brian imitating my dad trying to keep his eyelids open by poking them.
With fork and spoon?!
Apparently, yes.

Taa dah!
The latest addition in our jigsaw puzzle collection at home.
Quote from my sis,
"How can a duck be so sexy?!"
Awesome. =D

And these are called arrowheads. Or 'nga gu' in Cantonese.
Ama, Aunt Sim, Aunt Geik and Jacqueline came over today to fry 'em.
I'm telling you, the kitchen smelled really good.

Cleaned nga gu's.

In the kitchen.

The frying of nga gu.

The fried nga gu's.

The cooled and packed and ready-to-eat nga gu's.
RM15 per... What d'ya call this thing?
RM15 per container. Anyone? =D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

hear me out

Punkids?/punkkids?/punk kids?/pengkids?/pungkids?
(how do you even spell it?)

You know what these words mean?
They're females. Girls. Who make themselves look like guys. Cut their hair short. Wear over-sized clothes. Also, accessories that are "guy-ish". Hunch. Try to imitate the way guys walk. The way guys behave. Look for a girlfriend. Stuff like that. (maybe that's just my opinion, but tell me. You born like that? No. You make yourself look like that.)

Yeah, you see plenty in malls. Restaurants. Basically, everywhere.

I do admit, I know some girls like this whom I (once upon a time) consider friends. (not that I don't want them to be my friends now, but we hardly keep in touch anymore. And it's not like I hate them or something.)

It's just that... I dunno. It's just not a very pleasant sight to see (them everywhere you go).

Owhkay. I've cut my hair short. Real short. (That was about three weeks ago. It's grown a little now.) I just got very bored of my long un-manage-able (I'll just separate the root word for easy reading) un-tame-able un-desire-able unattractive big bushy lousy mane that I've kept for three years so I cut it short. Simple as that.

But no. I have to freeking look like a punkid.
(Does this word even exist?)

I. Am. No. Such. Thing.

I still behave like I always have. Long hair or not.
I walk like this.
I run like this.
I eat like this.
I laugh like this.
I talk like this.
But the way (some) other people look at me.
I think they see me like some kinda trans or something.
Just. Because. I. Have. Short. Short. Hair.

All I wanted was a little playful change of my look (temporarily).
All I hoped for was a little more self-confidence.
(if you had mane instead of proper hair, how high will your confidence go?)

But I'm not gonna regret this haircut.
Stare (weirdly) all you want.
Punkids are (in my opinion) ashamed of their boobs.
I'm not. So keep staring.

Bosan, tau tak?