Thursday, December 31, 2009


Things I said I was gonna do during break:
1) clean my seriously messy/dusty/abandoned room.
2) update my seriously dead blog. (oh hey! I'm doing it now!)
3) what's that thing called? Storyboard.
4) pick up guitar. Qing's guitar.
5) prepare BM syllabus. Seriously?
6) make a really short short. Ha. Ha.
7) wake up early enough to get Mum breakfast.
8) watch Grey's season 3, 4 & 5.

Things I've done during break up to date:
1) watch and still watching my room get messier/dustier/even more abandoned.
2) thicken my fingertips' skin(?) playing Qing's guitar.
3) screwed really short short.
4) kinda screwed storyboard since tomorrow's the deaddate.
5) make Mum make her own Lipton and crackers.
6) promise to prepare the (damn) BM syllabus tomorrow.
7) Grey's season 3. Only.
8) "designed" a bunch of flyers.

Things I'm gonna do when sem commences:
1) keep my room tidy. Ha. Ha.
2) return Qing her guitar.
3) make a lot of shorts. Then approach NTV7 maybe? HA. HA.
4) hand in all assignments on time. Sounds impossible.
5) play badminton every week.
6) go travel. Seriously. I need to get out.
7) work very very hard.
8) get rid of whatever issues I have with anything/anyone. Ha. Ha.

Life is tough.
Annoying sometimes.
Damn mengada.

But that's what makes it so beautiful.