Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Don't put your hopes too high. You'll get disappointed."

A stupid fella told this to me today. Funny, coz it almost felt as if he was talking about himself. And that fleeting pang of disappointment I felt. Please arr, it wasn't small.

I wonder what changed. How did you change?

Thing is, I welcome change. Change is good. If you change for the better, that is. Well if some changes are unavoidable, and it changes you for the worse, I really really hope it's only temporary.

This is me. If I love you enough, I would do more than enough for you. (I'm referring to people I love and care about in general) But if you think my doing more than enough for you is still not enough, I think you're taking me for granted.

Sometimes, I wish you can see all that's happening around you with your heart instead. Coz your head can't feel, idiot.

Monday, August 1, 2011

sunway medical centre

This goes way back in May.

Was at school with Johnny.
"Where to go for lunch???"
"Ming Tien? 666?"
(Our regular kopitiams at school)
"AGAIN? Sien laaaaa."
"Call Andy!"
*Calls Andy*
"Okay see you in 15."
*Hangs up*
"Where to eeeeeat???"
*Meets Andy*
"Where're we going?"
"Sunway Medical Centre."

Too long ago.
Can't remember much.
Except Johnny wanting to break my bone so that I'd get admitted and
they'd get free lunch in a room all to themselves.
Where's the logic in that actually?

In the first cafeteria.
Andy was wearing his bro's jacket.
Looked good.
I love their stools.
And my nasi lemak was nice.
Was I eating nasi lemak?
Don't look at Johnny.
Look at the guy behind Johnny.
**buff dude**
Our first round of food.
I had nasi lemak after all!
Memory's upgraded by 10 mb.
Got lost a bit finding for the other cafeteria.
So I asked a nurse for directions while the boys pretended to
study some educational cancer poster on the wall.
Andy in the BIGGER cafe.
**Andy APA JADI where're your eyes???**
**I see TWO sets of eyebrows instead!!**
More like very-clean-with-nice-furniture-and-separated-sections canteen.
Second round of food.
Warning: People who have stomach capacity smaller than Johnny's,
don't bother coming.
They're damn generous.
Johnny wanted lamb chop but it wasn't available that day.
After his plate of a lot of rice, a lot of vege and HALF A FISH,
he ordered another chicken chop.
Of course. Why not.
Then complained that his fish wasn't fresh, not tasty, the cook sucks,
but he's gonna eat it anyway coz he doesn't wanna waste.
BUT the chicken chop was AWESOME.
And we went back to school b.l.o.a.t.e.d.

So yeah, I recommend Sunway Medical Centre canteen for lunch.
Delicious and hygienic.