Monday, September 7, 2009

awesome free hugs! *got it from daniel*

All hail Daniel! Wheeee! Went to his blog and found this and thought it'll be good to put this up here as well. Well, for the non-TOA-ers benefits kan.. Hahah!

Super inspiring!
Checked out the webbie and found out that this has been going on for at least a year. Okay a bit outdated but who cares yaa? ^^ People who do it will definitely go to heaven. I think. Hahah! Really. Hug somebody today. And tomorrow. And the day after. Dunno. You might be doing more than you think you are doing.

Hugs for you! ^^

Read the guestbook if you have time.
You'll be awed. Kids doing it schools? Awesome.

(now where's my hug?)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my great(x10000)grandmother, eve

you should totally be grateful for not having to have nasty stomach cramps, annoying aching backs, gruesome pimple breakouts, humungous-dungous bloating tummy, a mountain of an appetite and lots and lotsa other stuff..


And then there's the hormone thing which makes you feel lousy about yourself. You wake up and look into the mirror and gasp then faint. If that's not enough, before that there's pms. I. Hate. And worst is, you can't help pissing off. At the littlest, tiniest, puniest (is there such a word) thing! Omg you can totally go crazy. IIIIIIIII can totally go crazy.

And another thing guys, go kiss your mums and dads and buy them gifts and thank them for making you a guy coz YOU DON'T HAVE TO FREEKIN WORRY ABOUT FREEKIN CLOTHES. Fashion is a confusing thing. It's complicated and frustrating sometimes. Most of the time. All the time.

I'm down on my knees. Please God. Let this be over like, real soon. I want my good mood back. Sobs. You can have my appetite. I don't mind letting you have my pimples too. If you'll let me have my good mood, I promise I'll be a good girl the entire next sem. Cross my heart. Please? Pretty please?