Monday, June 29, 2009


I saw something, no, someone, I'm not supposed to see today.

Made me feel all wrong.

All weird-ed out.

Maybe it isn't time yet.


I know it isn't time yet.

At least from my side of the story.

And I don't like it.

Not. One. Bit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Haven't have time to update recently. But here you go!

These are (some of the insane) future animators of our generation. Too many papers too much inking too much 2D too many flipbooks too little oxygen too little socializing and this is what we'll get. It's kinda sad but yeah. The two stars in this clip are Johnny the White-shirted-bear and Leon the Black-pantsed-uhh-uhm-whatever-you-wanna-call-him.

In another occasion, here's the butt I promised to upload! All hail my sis's lappie! Bwaahahahahah! My pc at home couldn't seem to upload or download any damn thing at all! Eeeesh!

Okay brief explanation; short clips done by all DG085-2 G3 students, 17 altogether. Our theme is Box, so everytime a new box appears, it means it's a new someone's work. Guess which is my work kay! Have fun!

So? So? So? Eeehee.

Mine's the random butt trying to get out from the random box with a random fluffy-was-it-even-a-bird-arrh-whatever-laa-yaa thing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gimme back my slippers!

So we were in the 2D lab trying to finish our assignments. Then MinJoo the Korean asked me to help with her story. So I hung around her corner for some time, giving her crazy ideas, enjoying myself, laughing out loud at her expressions. (You should see the way she had her mouth hung open and her brows wrinkled in such a funny way!)

So anyway, then I went back to my seat and started drawing. Well, not exactly. Daniel and Johnny started talking and I joined in and Daniel suddenly very randomly asked me to look up.

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen.

CheaWen: *Looks up without lifting her head*

Daniel: Look down, CheaWen.

CheaWen: *Looks down with face at Daniel's direstion*
(I was suspicious! They might just do something stupid to me)

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen.

(So I did again)

Daniel: Look down, CheaWen.


CheaWen: Ok what's going on Daniel?

(All this while, Johnny was watching)

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen. Are you missing something? You know..

CheaWen: Huh? Takde?

Daniel: You know.. Something that you might need when you go back.. Something on the ground.. Something you wearrr...

(So I looked up up uppp on the ceiling and at the air-cond)


Daniel and Johnny burst out laughing!

They hid my slippers on the air-cond wadahell?!

(2D lab's almost like our home now. Some of us practically lived there till like 12a.m. And it's carpeted and comfy and cold and all I just had to walk in there bare-footed. Smart!)

I had to retrieve my slippers from the air-cond. Obviously I couldn't reach it. I tried climbing on a chair (with freekin wheels!) and poke it down with Daniel's ruler. It dropped on Johnny who was standing nearby (and how stupid, I thought he was actually there to help) and he (bodo bodo bodo) put it back on the air-cond. And laughed out loud very loud again. By that time I was back on the ground. Then I wondered if I could reach it if I jumped. Johnny was already teasing and mocking and behaving very badly. I did. *Sigh* And the both of them burst out laughing again! (Very gentleman-ly both of youuu)

Did I mention that half the class was watching?
And enjoying the scene?

Then I climbed back up the chair with wheels (there isn't any chair without wheels in the lab) and got my slippers back safe and sound. Damn these so-very-I-don't-know-what-to-say-of-them wuliao/bored people.

I shall never take off whatever I'm wearing on my feet in the lab anymore.
I shall take THEIR slippers/shoes and hide them deep inside on the air-cond sometime.

Like anybody else takes off their shoes in the lab.

Monday, June 8, 2009

happy 20th birthday johnny!

The random of the day.
The crap of the week.
The stoopid of the month.
The bear of the year.
The perasan of the century. And,
the sweat case of the millennium.

It all sums up to this fella, Johnny Soon Fung Cheng.

Today we celebrated the bear's birthday at Nando's. (where we saw a bunch of TOA lecturers also celebrating a lecturer's birthday. You know I-Ching's birthday is exactly today as well? Like Johnny's? Such coincidence eyyh? Eeehee..) So yeah.

Lotsa time was spent just choosing which cake to buy. More time was spent standing outside KimGary talking nonsense. A few more hours were spent just deciding to go to Nando's. By the time we finished ordering the food, the sun already set. When the food came, we could already see the moon and count the stars. We finished our food by midnight, thank god. So we spent the rest of the time chit-chatting and laughing like hyenas while feeding the mosquitoes. We finally decided it's time to sing the birthday song and blow the candles when we heard the rooster crow. And so, by the time we left, the sun was up shining brightly again! What a day!

I was crapping.

So anyways.

Johnny the faker-smiler.

He was actually shy!
For the first time in all of our lives!
We witnessed the perasan being shy!
"You guys really wanna sing?"
"Do we need to do this?"

"Do we really need to sing?"

And then,

Here he was hiao-ing as usual.
Trust me.

Got this after paying the bill.
Nando's recycleable bag!
Designed by Melinda Looi.
Thumbs up for Nando's for 'Bagging to keep Mother Nature Hot'!

So the random bear opened up the bag and
put it over his head and exclaimed,
"Ma de! Can fit my entire head in it!"

Last but not least, group picture!
Qing: "Weyy! The composition is awesome!
The Nando's chicken is so in place! Whaahah!"
Johnny: "Of course! Why d'ya think I chose this spot for us?"
Sweat case.
As usual.

Happy Birthday gou shiong!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

don't do this to my butt!!

I can't put my butt up here!

What's wrong with blogspot?

My butt was perfectly visible in the draft.
But when I click 'publish' nothing went up!

Damn blogspot.

I wanna show you guys my butt!

Aww c'mon blogspot.
You're so uncool.