Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the bermuafakat meet-up!

Yep! Prema Romono Nair a/p I'm-sorry-I-don't-remember-your-dad's-name-Romono, Raja-ee Atikah Iffah bt Raja Shahrom bin uhh-I-can't-recall-your-grandpa's-name-laa-Rajee and me! Made up the three basic races in Malaysia! Went to the most convenient Aeon yesterday! Damn weird laa can. Actually it's kinda awesome heehee! Like, three Chinese, Indian, Malay walked hand-in-hand down the corridor in the mall. How often do you see that? Mwaahahahah!

Went makan first obviously. Rajee screamed a little when she saw The Chicken Rice Shop. This girl is the number ONE fan of chicken I tell you. Name it! Chicken rice, steamed chicken, fried chicken, chao-ta chicken, chicken balls, chicken nuggets, chicken this this this, chicken that that that. If there is ever a chicken flavoured ice-cream, it has to be her idea. But I wouldn't try it. Eew laa can.

We took like, more than two hours to eat. And make noise. And scream at the baby cockroach at the table beside ours. And laugh like pontianaks. And hit the table like nobody's business. And poke at the already cold chicken. (okay that was me) And chat like MakCiks. And talked so much about when we were way young. And school uniforms. And fartings. (it's very obvious it's Rajee) And lotsa other things. It's almost like 10 years ago kinda feeling. Except that we're very much taller. And prettier. (CHEYYY!! Bwaahahahah!)

After chicken-ing, Rajee wanted to shoot zombies. So we went to the so-called arcade.

This was Rajee showing off her shooting skills.
Rajee: Eleh.. This is damn kacang laa!
(coz Romono and me were like, gasping and saying "Whuaa Rajee you got skill laaa!" Laaa we were lying laa Rajee.. Bwaaahahahah!)

And then Rajee moved up a level and the game became kan-chiong. (how do you say kan-chiong in English? Romono you faham tak? Hahahah!) Then Rajee became very serious. Dead serious I tell you.

Romono: Eeehee!
Rajee: Die! Die! Die!

I loveeee Romono's expression in this pic!
Wth see Rajee's face!
This is what I call syok sendiri okie.

Then the two orang gilas VROOOOM-ed to the left.

And VROOOOM-ed to the right.

Ketuk ketuk on some drums.

And ended up in McD's.

And became gila.

And more gilaa.

Romono: (after the pic was taken)
Eyh Raja's head damn freaky laa!
Soe: *Nods nods nods*

Soe: Let's dig Rajee's nose!
Rajee: Eeeew!
Camera: Kaa-chaak!

Romono: Heyy do the see no evil hear no evil thing!

Soe: I wanna be in the middle! Rajee shoo! Shoo!
Rajee: Eleh budak nih!
Soe: Eyh! Who's doing the eye?!
Who's doing the ear?!
Who's doing the mouth?!
Rajee: Aaahh shut up laa Soe!

Attempt to place our heads on each other's was..
Well.. Poor Romono's head had to be chopped off.

How I miss them. How I miss them. How I really miss them.

Nobody else calls me "Soe". It's like, ancient, that name. Hahah!
Being around these girls, you can be as childish as you want. As loud as you want. As weird as you want. As emo as you want. As shameless as you want. As yourself. And I truly am grateful for having known them. Mmmuuaahhh! :D

Sunday, April 26, 2009

random #4

More random things found in mwah's phone.

Aaron and CheaWen melting cotton candy on McD's sundae.

Celine C.
She's drunk.
Please forgive her hiao-ness.

Qing saying "Why won't you cook?! Damn you Maggi."
Yeah laa.
That kind of statement from Qing?
You wish.

And this is Daniel in sarong.
Damn cool can?! Budak Cina in sarong! XD
And what's that thing he's holding eyh?
Someone left his underwear behind.
note: Daniel has a freekin pool

The next morning after the sleepover at Daniel's house.
We're in Klang. Apa lagi? Bak kut teh! XD
Victor: Eeee.
Zen: Eeee.

Still bak kut teh-ing.
Left to right:
Andy checking out Daniel's right hand.
Daniel admiring his own hand.
Ivan smelling his right hand.

You know what's a ghost called in Mandarin?
or Ellyphantfishmoo.
Syok sendiri :D

shoeshoes :)

The other day. The other day? I don't even remember when exactly. Uhh.. Once upon a time laa, Aaron and I went to Pyramid to get this pair of Pallas school shoes. Yeah plain white canvas school shoes, for me, to paint on. Uhh.. But I only got it done recently. Hahah! Heyy I multi-tasked can? I painted, AND grew mushrooms on my head. Bwaahahahah!

These are mine.

Heyy they're good for badminton!

Coz MPK halls are like, extremely slippery.
What to do? The halls are cheap. Hahah!

And these are my bro's.

He wanted piano keys on them.

It's only been two days.
And he made them stink already.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

girl in pink omg

Omg how can I forget. I was browsing through pictures in my phone and came across these.

So I was in T.A.R. College the other day. My mum and I were trying to get some help with my sister's irritating forms. (she was barred from taking exams for some reasons) We were making rounds in the parking lot when a very striking figure in pink walked pass us. I screamed a little and my mum gasped loudly. Unbelievable. We got out of the car after finding a spot. We walked quickly to catch up with girl in pink. Good thing she was going in the same direction as we were.

As soon as we entered the building, I can't help but notice, every single person had his/her attention on girl in pink. The two girls sitting on the chairs near the wall were giggling to each other. The guys at the registration counter were staring shamelessly at girl in pink. The security PakCik was kinda like looking, but didn't want others to know he was looking. Two other girls behind another counter disappeared somewhere with their hands clasped on their mouths. Me and my mum stood like kayu's at the entrance for a moment. My mum had to pull my arm to get me walking. I told mum to hold on a sec, coz I had to pick up my jaw.

We did what we had to do. Forms were kinda settled and we were told to go to another department. Before leaving, I said I have to have to have to take a picture of girl in pink. So I grabbed a brochure and stood casually at a corner and snapped a quick picture. OOOPS big mistake. I forgot to switch my phone to silent mode and it made a LOUD kaa-chaa! I quickly hid my face together with my phone behind the brochure (which was, thankfully, very big when unfolded). After pretending to read the brochure, I switched my phone to silent mode and walked to the registration counter like I had some serious business to ask. And quickly snapped another picture of girl in pink from the back.

I feel like a freekin stalker can? But I dunno what got into me that day! I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud at what I was doing (shamelessly). I had to be crazy at that time. And I had to cover my face with the brochure a few times because my shoulders were shaking so hard. It was torture not being able to laugh.

I wasn't satisfied with the pictures I've taken and decided I have to get a clearer picture of girl in pink. Have to have to have to. So I pretended to walk to the washroom. Pretended to walk back out, while reading a very interesting brochure. I timed myself and raised my phone just enough above the brochure and took a very successful picture of girl in pink! Yes! I casually walked pass girl in pink and ran out as soon as I convinced myself it was safe to run.

The most shameless thing I've ever done in my whole entire life. But it was worth it. Imagine you see her live, in person. You'll be tempted to take a picture of her as much as I were. Only thing is, maybe you won't go as far as I did, yes coz my face was exceptionally thick that day.

Girl in pink from the corner I stood.

Girl in pink from where I pretented to walk to the registration counter.

Girl in pink from where I pretended to walk out from the washroom.

Seriously, don't dress like this in public.

Friday, April 17, 2009

third sem break

I lost count of the amount of mushrooms I've grown (on my head) these past few days since break (officially) started. I practically just stayed at home and sent my bros around (school and tuition and stuff my mum used to do) and stayed some more at home. (omg am I turning into the MakCik Who Sends Her Kids To School? I'm too young for this!)

I mean, everybody's gone back to their hometowns. Kerry found a job (that she actually likes, I think) and Elaine's having her finals soon. (bahhh she won't lemme join this cycling adventure thing to Johor. Only for Taylor's club members bluek)

And the most exciting thing I've done whole week was...

...send my Gramma to the dentist's to have
(two of) her teeth plucked out.

Omg. I think I have holiday assignments to do.
What was it again?