Thursday, October 30, 2008

i can

When you get caught in the rain with nowhere to run

When you're distraught and in pain without anyone

When you keep crying out to be saved

But nobody comes and you feel so far away

That you just can't find your way home

You can get there alone

It's okay, what you say is

I can make it through the rain

I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend

And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith

And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

And if you keep falling down don't you dare give in

You will arise safe and sound so keep pressing on steadfastly

And you'll find what you need to prevail

What you say is

I can make it through the rain

I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend

And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith

And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

And when the rain blows, as shadows grow close

Don't be afraid

There's nothing you can't face

And should they tell you you'll never pull through

Don't hesitate, stand tall and say

I can make it through the rain

I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend

And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith

And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

I can make it through the rain

And stand up once again
And I live one more day

And I can make it through the rain

Yes you can

You will make it through the rain

Through the Rain

Mariah Carey

Friday, October 24, 2008

no good

Can't really feel any real emotions lately.

So what if McD's giving discounts off their cones next Saturday?
(ice-creams are always always always the best thing for me)
So what if I hand my assignments in late?
(marks will be deducted but I really don't give a damn)
So what if I've been swearing a lot the past coupla weeks?
So what if I'm a girl?
Who cares about creating letters out of pumpkin carriages?
(friggin' Letterform)
Who cares about kicking an earth around in a football field?
(friggin' Workshop)
So what if my student doesn't wanna do his piano theory?
So what if I listen to "Thunder" over and over and over again?
Who cares if I shout/sing/croak my lungs out in the car when I'm driving alone?
So what if my body is aching all over?
(haven't slept on my bed for weeks)

I want to sleep.
But I cannot.
My assignments expired.
But I'm still gonna continue doing it.
BUT I fall asleep on them all the time.
This sucks.

Xiao Qing,
I appreciate all that you do and have done for me.
Really I do.
And I can't thank you enough.
I will jia you like you always tell me to.
I hope I can keep this up.
I feel guilty though.
But that fades away as quickly as it came.

Today is Friday.
Will be going to Pulau Pangkor tomorrow.
(they didn't tell but it's probably to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary)
Will only be back on Monday.
My assignments.
I'm torn.
Torn between family and work.
Somebody tell me which is more important.
If you've lived with my family for as long as I did,
you wouldn't be able to give me an answer.
I bet my favourite ice-cream on it.

Will go pack my clothes now.
Will try to enjoy my sam suk dan tomorrow morning.
Will have chocolate in class tomorrow.
Will just have fun in Pangkor the next three days.
Will try to finish my assignments.
I will.

Just fall asleep like I always do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cheek exercise

-14 Oct 08-
Went to Swensen's after Drawing. Had a giant I-don't-remember-what with I-don't-remember-how-many flavours ice-cream! (ice-cream!) We talked and laughed and chatted and roared (???) like we own that restaurant. So-o-o-o loud! Especially Sandy Toopai! And Yvonne too! (Actually me included) But we had the most fun. Even in the car! Practically ignored the existance of Ivan at the passenger seat.

In the car:
Sandy Toopai: I'm telling you, Chea wen drives like a mad person!
Yvonne: *Gasp!* Really?!
Chea Wen: Heyyy! I drive like a gentle lady okaayyy!!
Sandy Toopai: See see!! She's gonna run over the bump like "Pohmm!!"
Yvonne: *Gasp!* Chea Wennn!!
Chea Wen: Eyhh~ See arh see~
*toing~ toing~*
Yvonne: Haiyarh! Where gottt??
Sandy Toopai: Aihk! Chea Wen?! No no! I'm telling you! The other day! She arh!!
Ivan: Girls... Girls... Bertenang...
Sandy Toopai: NO! NO! Seriously!! She arhh!!

At Swensen's:
Kevin: Yeahhh... Sandy's in Sandyland again.
Chea Wen: Hahahahah!!
Sandy Toopai: Yeah hahah! Where pigs can fly!
Chea Wen: And toopai's too! Hahah!
Yvonne: Huh? Tupai cannot fly wan meh??
Chea Wen: Alamaa~ Toopai can fly wan meh?
Sandy Toopai: Hahahahah!! *lost in Sandyland*
Yvonne: Huh? I thought? Flying squirell??
Kevin: (=.=)"
Sandy Toopai: Chea Wen! Tell them the sh*t joke!
Chea Wen: Hahahah! You tell!!
Sandy Toopai: Okay you all heard this sh*t joke before or not?
Chea Wen: Omg hahahah! Sandeee! You've just told them the answer!
Sandy Toopai: Aiyark shhHH laa! They didn't know!
Chea Wen: But!
Sandy Toopai: NO!!
Chea Wen: Omg~
Sandy Toopai: Okaayyy listen. Knife, is used to cut vege. Scissors, is for cutting papers. Skin is for cutting?

Well, after rounds and rounds of wrong answers, and more rounds of laughters and giggles and tummy-achings,
answer: Skin is for cutting SH*T.
Don't get the logic? Clue: See, when you sh*ttt.....


Okay okay okay~

Dig in!!!
(see the smoke coming out from the middle?
Sandy Toopai: Eyh! See! Got smoke laa!

Anti-clockwise from my right: Ivan Sleepyhead and Yvonne;

Kevin and Mandy, Sandy Toopai's same-age-as-me sis;

and Sandy Toopai Founder of Sandyland and me!

-Today! 15 Oct 08-
Owhmigosh! I was driving Ivan home today after sending Yvonne to her mum's shop (in super kadavalei-ly heavy rain and I was totally soaked!) and we got stuck in the friggin' jam for like, 10 hours! I was so bored I was growing mushrooms on my head! I had nothing better to do so I looked around and saw this fella on my left and I started laughing like mad cow!!! Owhmigosh!!! I laughed and I laughed and I laughed!! My tummy ached so much and I was practically hitting my hands on the steering wheel!!! Can you imagine? I wanted to laugh out loud so badly!! But I couldn't! I cannot! If I did Ivan would definitely wake up! I even had problem lifting my eyelids up wide enough to see where I put my phone! (owhmigosh even now, typing this thing, I'm laughing so damn hard!!) Phew~ Then I cooled down a bit and took these pictures. Then I looked at my screen and I laughed again! I pressed 'next' and I laughed again!! Owhmigosh I laughed and laughed until we had to move.
I think I built quite a lot of cheek muscles today. All thanks to Ivan!

>>Ivan thanks for exercising my cheeks!<<
>>I know you don't won't will not mind<<

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's been that long since I last blogged! Time passed by real quick these couple of weeks. I've got so much to share! But I'll just summarize everything up coz I still have loads of assignments waiting to expire. Sheesh. I hope I can remember everything (well at least the important parts) coz my memory's really... Well... I'm real good at forgetting stuff. Okay okay! We'll start on...

-I don't remember the date-
You know I lurrrve ice-cream. I still do, but... Hey fishballs are fantastic too! I developed this craze for fishballs like, a few month ago. Or was it two weeks ago? Nope, it was just a few days ago. Arrhh I don't remember but I look forward to mum's weekly trip to her Monday pasar malam nowadays because they sell the most delicious giant fishballs ever!

-01 Oct 08-
The first day of Raya! No school! Refuse to do assignment! Want fun fun fun!

14 cars, more than 60 people, as young as 3 years old to as old as uhh... 70 I guess, went on a trip to a beautiful waterfall in Perak -Lata Kinjang. Before that we stopped in Ipoh for lunch. Omigosh 50 people had lunch together in one reasturant. (some of us stayed in the car) Imagine that. Madness. It was really crazy! I mean, you should have been there! We took a few wrong turnings and had to make many U-turns. And each time we did that, we caused a jam! Other cars had to wait for 14 friggin' cars to complete the U-turns and then they can move. Our car was somewhere near the lead and I had the chance to see the mess we made. It was pretty cool! I mean, it's like some VIP or something that was making the U-turn! Everyone had to let us through first! So anyway, we reached the waterfall later on and dived in straight! I brought my sketch book along to do some life sketches. And I got some pretty interesting poses!

And when I was done, what else? I joined my brothers in the water! Mum took some pictures of us in the shallow part of the waterfall. The current's very strong even in the shallow area. I got washed away a few times and I had to hold on to my bro's foot for help! (yeah he pulled me up with his very hairy leg. Yeeee~)

Okay time for the real adventure! I decided to go up the waterfall. There's where the water really falls. (huh..??) So I pulled my sister along. Went up this really high and super slippery staircase-barefooted! (The ground felt kinda yucky)

Took us quite a while to get to the top because there were people coming down as well and the staircase was narrow. You get the picture. But when we reached the top, the scenery was wow! Awesome! Breathtaking! I was really amazed! Loads and loads of water pouring down from I-don't-know-where! It's like the shower at home, only a 10000000000 times more powerful! I thought, the amount of water gushing down from above in 5 seconds could easily fill my entire house! I stood there admiring God's awesome artwork for, what? 10 minutes? It was really really... *exhales* You should go there yourself and experience the awesome-ness!

After the waterfall, we went to Ipoh. 14 cars found parkings and 60+ people went here: a long stretch of tiny shops that sells nothing but...


There was a temple nearby so we paid it a visit too. They have these hung up the ceilings. They're huge!

And this frog is... Well...

We left after some sight-seeing around the temple. It was getting dark and our stomachs were making gru-gru-gru noises. Dinner yay! But! Some cars didn't manage to follow lead and got lost. Some other cars went searching for them while the others waited by the roadside. Finally we all met up and continued the journey, but we got lost again. Left, right, left, straight, left again. Aik?! I thought we passed this building just now? Left, straight, right, right. Omigosh~ We only had our dinner at what? 9.30 p.m.?! We left the temple at 6 plus!

So guys, don't underestimate Ipoh! Maps are important! And essential!

-02 Oct 08-

Second day of Raya! Dad didn't have to go to work so "Kia! Let's go Muar!"

"All the way there? For what?"

"Satay and otak-otak laa what else?!"

Omg. He's serious.

Dad, mum, me, sis and two bros had a plate of kwon-low mee, a plate of char-kuey-teaw, 2 bowls of ABC, 5 cans of cincau, 2 cans of 100plus, 20 satays and 100 otak-otak.


Dad: "Wey Malacca's cendol very sedap wan hoh?"

So yeah, we were kidnapped there. By dad.

Oh and I saw this really cute old-ie car there! Couldn't resist, had to take a picture of it. Really really like this kind of cars.

Oh did I mention? Mum bought a pair of chicks from Ipoh! They're adorable! But smelly.

This lil' fella pangsai-ed near my arm!

So I bullied him back.

And this is my youngest bro, Brian. Yeah he was in love with his chicks very much but he got bored with them and never played with them again after 2 days. So now the chicks are my mum's.

-03 Oct 08-

Back to school again. Started the day with a morning I-especially-hate-it Design Workshop class with Michael, our lecturer. Skip that. We went to a Chinese restaurant near our school for lunch. While waiting for our food;

Johnny: Okay everybody. Can you make four triangles out of these two by just moving ONE toothpick?

Chea Wen: Aiyer I can make four triangles without even moving ONE toothpick! See!

Johnny: (=.=)" Aiyok~ So simple also dunno~ Nah~

Chea Wen: Roar~

Anyway, during afternoon class... (Figure Studies, my favourite subject although I suck at it)

Celine: Eyh Chea Wen look. Guy or girl?

Chea Wen: Whaaa!! It's Kai!! XD
>>Kai hope you don't mind ya!<<

Earlier, Chua made this paper mustache exactly like the one our school guard has and taa-dah!Gee he looks so small beside the guard.

Then we had some fun with the paper mustache in Fig and taa-dah!

This is San Dee a.k.a. Sandy a.k.a. Toopai. Damn hiao huh? Hahah!

And this is Aaron. He's a Filipino+Chinese.>>Aaron you look like a gorilla in this picture! Hahah!<<

-Today! 09 Oct 08-

Had History of Arts in the morning. Daniel's our lecturer. He's a small guy who babbles a lot. Not long after class started today, Trish, Aaron and I noticed; Daniel likes to add "sort of like" and "kind of" in his every sentence! Omg~ So annoying! It really wasn't necessary! I'll give you examples;

" Dali is sort of like an artist who..."

"...painted this sort of like images of religions..."

"'s really kind of ironic that he sort of put this particular sort of objects from the.."


So Aaron and I decided to count his "sort of"s and "kind of"s. We were never this alert in any of his classes! I mean, it's friggin' History come on! I still took down notes and all though. Guess how many times Daniel mentioned "sort of" and "kind of" in our 2-hour lesson?


It's Aaron's turn to keep track of "sort of" and "kind of" next week. Brilliant way to keep us alive in History class. Really. Everybody, you should try it too!

Oh and by the way, Andy wore this really cute shirt today.The front.

The back!I love it! Hahah!

And a really hiao picture of Johnny at the end of Letterform class today. A big Sarawakian bear holding a bamboo brush between his nose and mouth. Gou-shiong rocks! XD

Got home very late today and was even later for tuition. Roar~ Thanks Debbie thanks Chrystal. I went teaching with empty stomach. But as I was leaving, Elly came around and handed me a warm plastic container. Felt pretty heavy. I reached home and opened it and fwaalaah! Pasta!! With a lot of button mushrooms and eggs! All my favourite! Thanks ya babe!

P.s. Thanks to you too Xiao Qing! Ya know... My brush... ;-)