Monday, December 29, 2008

random #2

The printer won't scan and print stuff as I wish so no pictures in the previous post.
No there WILL be pictures! Aww man... I just have to wait till I get a cpu that functions properly. (my old cpu likes weird fonts and annoying numbers on its screen. I don't like seeing weird fonts and annoying numbers. So we don't 'friend' each other anymore. Owhkay this is lame.) I need to get a cpu asap! School's starting in a week's time! Nooooo!! My holiday~

Owh lemme tell you weird stuff.
Back when the sem was about to end (that's when normal TOA students like me would be rushing their assignments they owe the lecturers, trying to finish the five-weeks-of-critique-but-only-one-bloodee-week-to-complete-the -end-product final project, other final projects that need a lot of group discussions, presentations and more presentations) dad just had to be in holiday mood. I was up several nights already trying to finish up the load of work and he happily told us one day to "pack your clothes!" and that "we're going to Port Dickson for three days!" Joy. So yeah. We stayed by the seaside and I didn't even set a toe on the beach! I friggin' stayed INSIDE the apartment doing figures! You know how I love the beach and sea?! Kesian weyyy~ On the first day I managed to do this:I kind of sort of lost the figure I did the day after that. It was in the artblock Ivan took back! But he claims that there isn't any figure in it! Cut the crap~ Long story anyway~
And now? Two weeks into sem break already but no~ No nice sandy beach to visit or sea to swim in. I stayed at home and discovered that I can grow mushrooms on my head. Joy. I wanna go somewhere! Actually I did. Camp. But I wanna go somewhere not-camp!

Moving on!
Had movie marathon today! Two at home and one at the cinema! Watched Harry Potter 5 first coz my bro was "in control" of the player. (apa laa... Just because I went to the bathroom) Then we watched Wanted. (still at home) Yes I'm kind of sort of lame, such a nice movie (actually it was awesome! I love it! Love it love it love it!) and it was released like centuries ago, and I only watched it today. And lastly, The Day The Earth Stood Still (long title) at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Was freezing in there. But the movie was owhkay. And I had the best popcorn! So much caramel! =D But my eyes are darn tired. What d'ya expect? I never saw the tv during schooling days. So it's quite an achievement here.

Owh and...
I'm patiently waiting for the 30th to arrive. Results out on that day! Not that I've done awesomely well, but... Dunno! Guess it's pretty exciting to think that the next sem is already major sem! Animation rawks~ (although the seniors told us some scary stuff) Owh well! =)

Owh owh and...
I gotta apologize to Yean Yeon. Sorry girl. I wasn't able to make it to Jeth the other day. I said I'll make it up to you and I will. =)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Little Cheawen

Was just sitting around watching my bros when I thought of the 'me' I used to be more than 10 years ago. Well, I bet most of us don't really remember their childhood (or maybe that's just me, coz I have severe short-term memory case) so I'm just gonna ramble about the things that I actually do remember.

Way back when I was young, real young, unlike my little girl cousins and most of my friends, I disliked Barbie dolls. Instead, I played a lot (whenever I had the chance to) with my boy cousins (because I went to an all-girl school, I didn't have many boy friends back then). We would meet up in Gramma's house, discriminate the Barbie girls and start chasing each other around the house. We'd play catch, wrestle each other, pretend to shoot each other with the toy rifle Grampa made for us (Grampa's an awesome carpenter) scream and shout at each other playing pirates and when we do get mad at each other, we'd fight but we'd all refuse to cry even if it hurts (unless it really really hurts). Well of course, I cried more compared to the rest of the boys. But the next day you'd see me and the boys wrestling one another again.

*I'll try to find some old pictures of me and put them up. I hope the printer will forgive me by then and scan them into the computer.

And about my sis, I was never close to her when we were young. I don't know about her (I mean, she always had this dumb, blur-case look when she was tiny so I don't know what she thought of me) but I hated her. I hated her and I hated her. It's funny now that I think back. We're 10,000 times closer than we used to be. Weird~ Don't even know when the sudden change of event took place. Owh well~

Back in preschool, I was in the same session as Steven, one of my boy cousins. Back then, he was a quiet and calm boy. Our mums (sometimes) pick us up (way) later than the rest of the kids. I remember once, when the hall was left with just the two of us and a few other kids, and Steve fell off the piano chair he was sitting on for no reason at all. While other kids stood and watched helpless Steve, I went to fetch the teacher who was chatting with the Mak Cik. I even shoo-ed the few little kpc's away because I didn't want them to see Steve cry. (I wonder what Steve would do if he was in my shoes. He always seem(ed) so... Timid... He's not anymore. =))

I can't recall much now, but to sum it up, I was a tomboy when I was a kid. I hated skirts and dresses. I loved jeans and shorts and plain tees. But the weird thing is, I also loved my long hair. I loved the outdoor (still do). I loved games that required a lot of running and jumping. I loved to shout. I loved the rifle Grampa made for us. I loved winning over the boys. (when you're a kid, everything's fair and even; boys never give in to girls) I loved sitting on dad's shoulder whenever we go out (I felt superior).

*I think I have a picture of that too?

I still have a bit of the tomboy-ness I developed from my childhood. And I plan to maintain it that way. I don't really care if other people don't see me much as feminine. I mean, that's the way I've always been these two decades. Kerry believes that girls don't have to be stick-skinny to be considered pretty. Totally agreed. And I believe as long as you live the way you are, you are beautiful. (I tried to be.. Uhh.. More feminine before? And it sucked. So I said, "Ahh sod it! I'll continue to hate dresses.")

So yeah.
There's a reason to why I put this post up.
You'll see. =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

very random

I've got loads and loads of things to tell! But I'm going to camp tomorrow! Gotta friggin' wake up at 6a.m. wadaaa~ Noooooooo~ My holidays have just started...

This is not awesome...
A crush is a crush. It will remain a crush unless you do something about it. Well since I chose not to do anything at all, I shall live with it and get over with. No I'm not emo-ing!

And... Hoho! Be ready to be surprised the next time I put up a post! A whole new head baby! (head? Yes, head. Head? Yes, head. Like, head head? Yes, head!)

Hmmm... Just a random thought.
Was it really you that I saw in the restaurant the other day? Dinner? Looks like it... But I might be wrong... Owh well... =)

Kerry! Cepat balik from Malacca! Haven't seen my bestest best friend for such a long time already! XD (and no please don't ta-pao chicken rice from all the way there. Hahah!)

Owh owh owh! I am so gonna organize a bbq somewhere next year. Or the year after that. Or the next. No, really! It's time for some real gathering! Really! Yeah, next year. Or the year after that. No, I will! Really laaaaaaaa~

Aiyok camp tomorrow better go get some sleep now. SIX a.m. tomorrow! I have a feeling my sis is gonna bark and yell at me tomorrow. And she'll wake the whole neighbourhood up but not me. Then she's gonna sit down and sob coz I won't wake up. Then she'll become so frustrated that she'll start pulling her hair off and scream like orang gila. Finally when she's used up all her energy (just to wake me up) she'll fall back to sleep and we'll both be late for camp and have to go to Dusun Eco ourselves.

I should go to bed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

first day of sem break

There isn't really time to blog when the sem's about to end. The amount of final projects we had! It might be ONE project PER subject, but they're huge projects! There are tests too! We might just be sitting in a room painting away or drawing human forms out of human stick figures provided, it's still a friggin' test. I always run out of time but I still wanna deliver my best! These past weeks have been really hectic. And if I really do find time to do anything at all, I (what else?) sleep. But,


The sem has ended!

Bed here I come!
(aiyok actually I still have two pieces of figure to hand in tomorrow)

And YAY!
No drama for three weeks! Awesome~

Wait wait. Lemme tell you something really stupid.
As I mentioned earlier, yesh I still have two pieces of figure to complete. And I slept at I-kind-of-forgot-what-time-but-I-know-it-was-friggin-late last night.

This morning, kakak came into my room and said,
"Yvonne bangun, sudah pukul sepuluh."

It's weird but I actually heard her soft voice and I immediately jumped out of bed (literally jumped!) with my eyes still closed (I knocked my knee on my cupboard door) and (kind of sort of) yelled (still with my eyes closed),

My sis was on the other bed comfortably snoring away. She didn't even budge a millimeter! (or so I thought)

In all the confusion (and my brain hasn't really started functioning correctly) I managed to struggle my way out of my blanket. (I really have no idea how but) I was wrapped and coiled up in a complicated way in my blanket. Halfway trying to stand up and run to the bathroom, I looked up and saw kakak stoning near my bedroom door. THEN.

Me: Ah Yen, what day is it today?
Sis: Sunday.
Sis: ... (continued pigging)

My heart was racing like mad cow and I was panicking and so terrified and on the verge of breaking down and almost committed suicide AND she told me it's SUNDAY?!?!


Omigosh. I've never felt such fear in my life before. My heart still pumping hard, I fell straight onto my bed again and cursed at my own stupidity. After a while, I gave up trying to sleep and took my shower.

As I was walking out of my room, my sis lifted her head up from under her blanket and said,
"Nice, Jie. What a way to greet people early in the morning like that."
And we both laughed at my foolishness. Well, that's the kind of stuff you get living with me.

Owh well~

And it's Fei Xin's birthday today!
Happy Birthday girl!
Mmmuah! XD