Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is a Dreamworks animated movie.
I'll admit here that I'm no big fan of Dreamworks animated films, but

I watched it twice in the cinema in three days.
A scene from the movie.

If you really lose yourself in the movie,
get absorbed, get hypnotized whatever,
this movie will make your palm sweat,
your heart go DUP-DUP DUP-DUP,
forget you have popcorn in your hands,
show the stupid guy who keeps making stupid noise middle finger,
and hold your breath,
and cheer and clap at the end of the show.

At least to me, it is.

Some of the characters from the movie.
Just an opinion, I dunno how and I dunno why,
but I won't remember these characters for long.
I mean, they're prolly not strong enough an impact to
stay long in my 512mb worth of internal brain memory.

Not like I'm some big character designer
for some big animation company or what.

Was still in Aeon after the movie.
Was at the.. Where again???
Place where you eat gui ling gao??

Suddenly this guy walks in.
And he's zomg!
How do I say this??
Mixture of cute, good-looking, cina-but-not-sepet,
clean and neat and quiet type and oh such an eye candy laa!!

Why the randomness?
I know him!
Well, at least I used to. I think.

Picture to prove it.
He's already cute since kindergarten! (wth)

And nah.
Since I cant ask you to guess which is me here.
Circled. And labeled.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I stood for THIRTEEN freekin hours for f*cks.

I respect all promoters for being able to stand this awful job.

my lunch cost 6 bucks.

I wore banana yellow socks.

at 4.35p.m. I hated my life so darn much.

my student poked my butt with a freekin satay stick.
More than once! F*ck!

8.30-9.30p.m. was Earth Hour.
Why didn't you tak-awesome people switch off
your lagi-tak-awesome lights?!
And "you're awesome!" to those who did!

I wrestled my 10-year-old students on the floor.
There goes all the respect I can get from my students.

at 10.45p.m. I love my life to the max.

I had one of the most enjoyable bbq in my life.
And the shortest one too; 1 hour 50 minutes.

I kinda made people smile.
And that makes me feel kinda great.

And tomorrow,
happy birthday to one of my favourite people in the world!

Cheers! =D

Thursday, March 25, 2010


shenshenquiksilver@hotmail.com said (12:03 AM):
nights babi
i miss you too!!
shenshenquiksilver@hotmail.com said (12:04 AM):
i need to go home so i can eat asam laksa !!!!!!!

*gotta love this fella laa can? hahah!*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Went to Bukit Jalil recently.
Pei San my high-school-super-funny-to-me-at-least-racistly-fair-awesome-skin-complexion-I-damn-jealous-dentist-to-be friend did some routine check-up on my teeth.

Whuaa. My jaw. Almost broke.
Hahah! Okay it didn't. But it sure was tiring!
Holding my jaw that way for two hours!
(try saying aaaaaaaaa for two freekin hours?)
But I gotta say, it was fun! Coz I bit my dentist!
I mean, I love my dentist!

Went to Prema the Romono's house after that.
She looked so super stressed.
Sheesh. If the idiotic me can perasan that, she definitely is laa.

Made some plans to do something about her uhh-kinda-dull room on my first visit there. Wanted to vandalize the walls.
With smelly paint!
But Romono said "it's not gonna jadi lah" so the awesome me
had to think of something else instead.
(whuaahahahah! perasan babi)

After makan, Pei San's got labs. So she didn't join us.
After showing me stupid stuff on her lappie as usual, we did this!

They're stickers. Bought all these for only 10 bucks. Awesome!
After sticking the last piece, Prema and I sat on the floor,
admiring and sighing and smiling like idiots at the wall.
Okay I only smiled. Prema's the idiot.
Hahahah! Okayy syok-sendiri.

But it kinda cheered her up a bit. Good. She needs to smile.
Prema you hear that?? You look WRONG not smiling!

*It's amazing how little things can make us this happy*

Went for dinner at Pyramid.
Surprised Li Yen! Twas her birthday yesterday.
*Happy Birthday Li Yen!*
No pictures. Sobs. Pei San! Gua mau pictures!
Oh and we finally saw Chen Lee's Ricky Tong. Hahah!

Back at home.
You feel me?
A figure I did.
Sorta like what I'm feeling. Really.

I think I evolved from a sloth.
Move it woman!
Make your blardy arse work!

And please please please don't fall asleep.

Friday, March 19, 2010



Left for work right after my session.
So I only called in the evening.
Like, 7 hours later.
Awesome memory I have right.
Now it's lost.
My ONLY pair of shoes.
If anyone took it, BOO SAMA DIA!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

nobody knows

This fuckin load of things to do in a DAYYY??? Why don't you just shoot me. *sigh* You know, when people grow older, uhh maybe not everyone, me defintely, I discovered, they lose the kamikaze spirit in them. They become cowardly. They take less risk. They always (well most of the time) play on the safe side. They behave themselves. They become serious. I'm not asking them to be retarded or something. Just. I dunno. The fun seems to disappear. Coz they become super self-conscious. They care too much. They shy away. They. Sheesh. I don't even know what am I ranting here. Yenadei? I really really wanna say "whatever." Like, ya know, "WHATEVER." Period.

Anywayy am currently addicted to this song. Not new. But just love it. Love the singer. Love the tune. Love the lyrics. Love the song.

*no this is not what I'm feeling right now aite*
*just wanna share it here* smiles~

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's freekin' March??? Whoaaa..

Never noticed I haven't been posting up stuff for this long.

Anyway, went to Singapore with Kerry (and Syafiq) and Elaine (and Thomas, better known as Hippo. Sweat! His own girlfriend calls him that! I mean, 'magine this. You call your boyfriend, "Hello, Giraffe! I miss you dear!" or uhh "Heyy Buffalo~ *mmuahh* You get what I mean?) Eyy eyy sidetracked. Whooops.

Bro: *SINGS LOUDLY and I mean L-O-U-D-L-Y in the bathroom*

Me: PIN!!

Bro: *continues to SING LOUDLY*


Bro: *still SINGING*

Me: SOE ZXE PIIINNN!! P-I-I-I-I-N-N-N-N!!!! PIN PIN PIN PIN PINN PINNN!!!! *veins popping outta my neck* I CANNOT THINK PROPERLYYY!!!


Anywayyy I'm gonna put some pictures up here for syok-sendiri purposes.

Ohh? Lu mau tengok??

Tabuleh!! Bluek.

Haiyaa tengok laa. Sharing is caring! Wheeee!

Kerry and me.

Elaine and me.

Love the street name. =D

He looks old so he can't be NS-ing.

Awesome me.
Added sambal and spent more than an hour
trying to finish that laksa thing.

"Arhh hot!"

Introducing the Badak.

It looks like a Hindu temple.
But Chinese people are praying in front of it.
With joss sticks??

Random orange church? Chapel??

Elaine, Hippo, Syafiq, Kerry
and me, taking the photo.

Like this building. =)
Kerry: Why got no windows wan?
Then Elaine and her started arguing about windows.

The inside of iluma.
Love all the curves!

It's a nice place to look and see. But
totally cannot shop here laa can???
Feel like buying the entire stall lo actually.

Tortoiseshells rock!

This is Elaine, being normal.


Just because.

Kerry + Syafiq.

Focus: Kerry.
Main focus: Kerry's right hand covering her boobs.

Check that out.
Hamsap lo! Singaporeans!

At Coffee Bean's.

Tak awesome langsung.
Just yawned.

Really fake!

Smells like plastic.
Not that I tried smelling 'em.

Deyy.. Ini back alley lo.

What's this place called again?

Doesn't matter.
Awesome food.

I know you do too!!! XD

Many many many many many watches!

Pretty cool belts actually.

Imagine if these are REAL diamonds!
Sampat mehhh.

*Singapore also got Ah Lians!*


PakCiks and MakCiks need to rest a bit.


This Turkish ice-cream PakCik's damn cool!

Pretty good-looking for a PakCik if you ask me.


Then w-a-d-a-h-e-l-l ???

Kerry suka ini.
Vhy arr?
She looks wronggg.

$10 watch!
Love its face.

Singaporeans very civilized mehhh?
(Omg better not let any Singaporean see this)

Malay Street.
Yes! I remember!

Cozy huh.

Wish the street's longer.
Yep, longer.
Some more.
Some more.

CheaWen suka ini!

The beca ride's DAMN expensive weyy!
Tourists. Apa pun mau try.

Singapore International Airport.
Cantik wuuu.

Guess that's all for now.
Will definitely visit Singapore again.
Haven't visited the casino!