Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So many things had happened. So many things are still going on. And I know many more things are yet to come. I just hope there are more good things than bad things. Example of bad things: I'm crapping. Again. Hahah~ Aiyak ini biasa laaa~

So anyway, I'm done with whatever emo shit I was going through. (school, basically. I just couldn't handle my workload at that time. So glad to see good old Chea Wen again. =) Hiao~)

Eyh? I haven't blogged for this long already? Alamaaa~ Owhkayyy... Let's see.





For those who know me, well you know me.
For those who, well, don't know me that well, I'm forgetful. Very. Extremely. Forgetful. It wasn't entirely my fault ya know. I was born with it. So... Yeah. Where were we?

Owh! I wanna make a shout-out!
No reason actually. I just feel like it. =p

Mr. and Mrs. Soe, Ah Yen, Ah Pin, Ah Ti!
Thanks for all the support (and pressure) you guys give!
But most of all, thanks for simply existing in my life!
=) =) =)

Ah Maa!
Ah Maa dearest~
You're the bestest best Ah Maa in the whole wide world!
And Ah Wen loves you very much!

Chea Wen!
You promised to live the life you love and love the life you live.
You better not forget that!

I love you babe!
So you got no choice but to love me back!
Grey's Anatomy rawks~

Things aren't quite the same anymore, are they?
(stoopeed question)
But I love you all the same!

Atikah, Shen, Prema, Yun Minn, Pei San, Shirin, Sue-Lyn, Elaine, Carol, Yean Yeon, Yee Ling, Chin Choon, May Jinn, Mei Wei, Ming Jie, Li Peng and everybody else I know back in Convent!
I miss all of you!
Very much!
We should have, like, a basketball game every Saturday!
I'm serious!
(imagine Sue-Lyn playing basketball)
Hahahahahah! XD

Wen Shan, Chee Thean, Alison, Ah Shin, Shin Ying, Fei Xin!
Weyy all of you!
High school might be, like, a century ago, but once a friend, forever a friend!
See, this post shows that I saved space for you guys in my very-limited-space built-in memory~
Say "Hi!" sometimes! =)

Lay Hoon, Han Zhiang, Mei Lian, librarian people and other Starians I know!
A big big "HHHHIIIIII!!!!!" with a big big smile to all of you! =D

Xiao Qing, Johnny, Andy, Jen Ruw(?), Victor(?)
You guys are great!
And I hope we can be friends for life!
Really really! =D

Sann Dee, Aaron, Kevin(?)
Drama minggu ini~
But that's what brought us closer, ya?
Hahahahah! XD