Saturday, May 29, 2010

ahh the smell of..

The smell of what?? Yenadei? I forget as soon as I type "smell". What did I wanna say? Mehhh. Okay apatu? Goat. *nods* This post is so! So. *blinks* So what? Again?

Apa laaa.

I'm here to say; CheaWen lives!!

Apa laaa. Just because I'm missing from the cyber world, people think I've disappeared from earth as well. So my modem and CPU decided to befriend each other again. Eyy so you'll see me till you get sick of me. Sien. Puke. At the sight of me. Hahahah! Weyy don't laa.

I wish Malaysia's got four seasons coz I want a summer boyfriend!
Hahahahahahahahahahahah!! XD