Saturday, July 18, 2009

random #5

The other night, we were walking to our.. Uhh.. I think it's my car, in Pyramid Tower, Aaron, JinYang and me saw this very weird Proton Wira. Couldn't help but take a coupla pictures of it. It's weird! It's just weird! But the interior's damn cool. All leather bound and spacious and nice-looking. But it just had to be a Wira. Potong all our steam. I'm being racist, but it's true. It's a freekin Wira! Cannot means cannot!

Here's JinYang in Hawaiian shorts and weird Wira.

In another ocassion...

In 2D lab.
Home sweet home of all DG students.
Daniel and SannDee making themselves as comfy as they can get.
Tak boleh tahan~
Just had to take picture.

Our very very ancient tape player works again! Wheee! All credit goes to my bro Ben. Dunno how that fella fiddled around with that old thing, I was upstairs and suddenly
"JIEHHH!!! We can watch cartoon

This thing is heaveeee I tell you.

See see see?!?!
It says, "PLAY"
Omg *faints*

So we dug out all our ancient Disney and not-so-Disney tapes...

And wheeee!

Watch away!!
I really really miss all my cartoon tapes.
Ben, Brian, you guys weren't born yet.
So yes, they're all mine!
Still mine!
And will always be mine.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

fecking robots

I can see how I'm gonna die now.
Doing robots. Drawing robots, to be more specific.
Of all things, ROBOTS.

Go dig your noses! Blardy robots!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Remember this guy?
Or this?


What about...

You hafta...

By now...

Ivan! Skinny in the middle!

Mr. Nice Guy who..
Is JenRuw grabbing Ivan's chest?!

Anyway, these were all taken during our foundation year.

Ivan decided to leave TOA
(which might not be such a bad idea actually. Ha~ Ha~)
and continue his studies in Aussie.
So last Saturday we what else? Hung out!

-4 July 2009-
We got to school in the morning,
breakfast-ed at the old place, MingTien,
and went hooligan-ing in Pyramid before our movie started.
In Jusco supermarket,
(I wanted to get lychee cincau to suck in the cinema)
we discovered pumpkins! (Why not?)
Johnny: Aah! Look! A weighing machine!
Zen: *whatever his face says*

So the pumpkin weighted 1.17382 kg.

After the movie,
(I recommend Ice Age 3 really!
I hated the first two but this one rocks!)
all went for hey-I'm-still-kinda-full-but-let's-eat-anyway
lunch at Popeyes.
Left- Johnny, Ivan, Andy and look at Zen's face.

Left- Andy and look at what Zen's doing.

Smallest head belongs to Ivon.
Blur face belongs to Kevin.
And wide-smile-face belongs to Qing.

Did somebody punch Andy on his left cheek?
It looks swollen! *Gasp!*

All food remained but all mashed potatoes were gone.
Those were really awesome. Awesome-r than KFC's.

From the other side of the table-
Qing, Wen, Johnny, Ivan look here! and Andy.

See three very different faces?
Ivan looks like a kid as usual.
(Oh how envious)
Andy looks like a bimbo as usual.
(Oh langsung tak jealous)
Zen looks like that usually.
Besides pumpkin, we also discovered SPORKS!

Then we went to this huge underground maze underneath Pyramid.
Turn right. Go straight. Then left.

Take another turn. Straight again. Smile a little.

By the time we found our K room,
Johnny's become a ghost.

Ghosts wear clothes?
Okie okie syok sendiri.

Left- Some lost soul, Ivon, Ivan, Kevin, Zen, Wen.
Qing belum datang laa..

So Ivan, we wish you all the best!
And may you succeed in all that you're doing!
We love you! ^^