Thursday, December 31, 2009


Things I said I was gonna do during break:
1) clean my seriously messy/dusty/abandoned room.
2) update my seriously dead blog. (oh hey! I'm doing it now!)
3) what's that thing called? Storyboard.
4) pick up guitar. Qing's guitar.
5) prepare BM syllabus. Seriously?
6) make a really short short. Ha. Ha.
7) wake up early enough to get Mum breakfast.
8) watch Grey's season 3, 4 & 5.

Things I've done during break up to date:
1) watch and still watching my room get messier/dustier/even more abandoned.
2) thicken my fingertips' skin(?) playing Qing's guitar.
3) screwed really short short.
4) kinda screwed storyboard since tomorrow's the deaddate.
5) make Mum make her own Lipton and crackers.
6) promise to prepare the (damn) BM syllabus tomorrow.
7) Grey's season 3. Only.
8) "designed" a bunch of flyers.

Things I'm gonna do when sem commences:
1) keep my room tidy. Ha. Ha.
2) return Qing her guitar.
3) make a lot of shorts. Then approach NTV7 maybe? HA. HA.
4) hand in all assignments on time. Sounds impossible.
5) play badminton every week.
6) go travel. Seriously. I need to get out.
7) work very very hard.
8) get rid of whatever issues I have with anything/anyone. Ha. Ha.

Life is tough.
Annoying sometimes.
Damn mengada.

But that's what makes it so beautiful.

Monday, September 7, 2009

awesome free hugs! *got it from daniel*

All hail Daniel! Wheeee! Went to his blog and found this and thought it'll be good to put this up here as well. Well, for the non-TOA-ers benefits kan.. Hahah!

Super inspiring!
Checked out the webbie and found out that this has been going on for at least a year. Okay a bit outdated but who cares yaa? ^^ People who do it will definitely go to heaven. I think. Hahah! Really. Hug somebody today. And tomorrow. And the day after. Dunno. You might be doing more than you think you are doing.

Hugs for you! ^^

Read the guestbook if you have time.
You'll be awed. Kids doing it schools? Awesome.

(now where's my hug?)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my great(x10000)grandmother, eve

you should totally be grateful for not having to have nasty stomach cramps, annoying aching backs, gruesome pimple breakouts, humungous-dungous bloating tummy, a mountain of an appetite and lots and lotsa other stuff..


And then there's the hormone thing which makes you feel lousy about yourself. You wake up and look into the mirror and gasp then faint. If that's not enough, before that there's pms. I. Hate. And worst is, you can't help pissing off. At the littlest, tiniest, puniest (is there such a word) thing! Omg you can totally go crazy. IIIIIIIII can totally go crazy.

And another thing guys, go kiss your mums and dads and buy them gifts and thank them for making you a guy coz YOU DON'T HAVE TO FREEKIN WORRY ABOUT FREEKIN CLOTHES. Fashion is a confusing thing. It's complicated and frustrating sometimes. Most of the time. All the time.

I'm down on my knees. Please God. Let this be over like, real soon. I want my good mood back. Sobs. You can have my appetite. I don't mind letting you have my pimples too. If you'll let me have my good mood, I promise I'll be a good girl the entire next sem. Cross my heart. Please? Pretty please?

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have a cousin, Jac, who lives just 15 minutes away from me. I have another cousin who lives in Penang, Jess. They're both 13 years old, and very very close to each other. They see each other only during special occassions and during school holidays, when either one family travels to the other state to visit the other.

So the other night, while we lepak-ed on the sofa in my living room, (Jac's spending a few nights in my place to finish her school projects) Jac suddenly asked me;

Jac: Yvonne JieJie, do you read Chinese?

Me: Uhh.. No? Hahah! But I can read REAL easy ones..?

Jac: Oh. Hahah! Jess sent me this text in Chinese. *makes a face* I don't know how to read. Think you can help?

Me: Come, gimme your phone. I'll TRYYYYYY...

*It was short, with only about plus minus 15 characters. I read everything out loud, coz I was slow, one word-two seconds. When I finished, I DID-YOU-SEE-THAT?!-I-CAN-READ-EVERYTHING!-ed. What an accomplishment. Bwaahahahah!*

This was what:
"Shi huan yi ke ren, zhi yao mei tian kan dao ta, jiu hui hen kai xin hen kai xin.
I like you, Jac. And we're gonna be best cousins forever."

Maybe it was the night. Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was something else, I dunno. But it touched me, that text. Jess was only expressing her love for a cousin she missed very much. (heyy kenapa I takda receive a text like that huh?) The innocence I saw in it. The sincerity. Dunno.

Lemme ask you; when was the last time you ever expressed your love to anyone else? Family or friend? Text or no text?

You don't remember? Go dig your nose!

Oh, then you're gonna ask me back, when did I last say 'I love you' to someone?
Bluek! Not gonna tell youuuuu! But it's certainly recent. And no, it's not to my boyfriend. Bleh.

So people, if you love someone, go ahead and say it. And make sure you mean it. If you miss someone, tell that fella. If you don't like someone, you keep quiet. Then you bitch about that fella. Bwaahahahah! I'm jokinggggg!

Here's a shoutout to everyone I love and care about!
(no names in particular.. coz I'm sure you know who you are!)

Okay, your turn;


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last night I was on my pc, halfway pc-ing, (what was I doing again? Nah.. Doesn't matter) pc shut down and restarted by itself. I thought it was just another shut-down-restart-shut-down-restart thing my pc's been doing for the past what, uhh three? Four years? But when it came alive again, my wallpaper changed to this!


And a bunch of other stuff (some in red and some in white, the background's blue) covering my whole screen~


I panicked and turned off the main switch. For once, it was nice to see the pc with no 'hemmmmm hemmmmmm' sound like a really ancient engine forced to make a lorry move. It went 'poof!' I imagined it digging its nose. (it's a long story)

Guess the amount of times I had this pc reformatted?
Six times.

I refuse to go near that thing anymore. It's break. I don't really need to use the computer. I'll probably need it when school starts again. But. What? Aww man~ Do I really have to format it for the SEVENTH time? TUJUH?! Omggggggggg I want a new CPU laa cannnnnnnnn~ Potong my steam to blog during break. Eeeeeeeeesh~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

sem break at last

You know what sem break means?

It means a hell of things, like:

What's not to like about sem breaks right? Hahah!

No worries peeps.. It's not like I'm gonna let this blog die or anything.. But these first few days of break, just lemme recover the sleeps that I'm pretty hopeful but nah, I'm not quite sure I can recover back. (wadahell?)

The time's 10.15p.m. What's there to do at 10.15p.m. on a break day?

Don't you just love this alphabet?
Aah~ I do~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

random #5

The other night, we were walking to our.. Uhh.. I think it's my car, in Pyramid Tower, Aaron, JinYang and me saw this very weird Proton Wira. Couldn't help but take a coupla pictures of it. It's weird! It's just weird! But the interior's damn cool. All leather bound and spacious and nice-looking. But it just had to be a Wira. Potong all our steam. I'm being racist, but it's true. It's a freekin Wira! Cannot means cannot!

Here's JinYang in Hawaiian shorts and weird Wira.

In another ocassion...

In 2D lab.
Home sweet home of all DG students.
Daniel and SannDee making themselves as comfy as they can get.
Tak boleh tahan~
Just had to take picture.

Our very very ancient tape player works again! Wheee! All credit goes to my bro Ben. Dunno how that fella fiddled around with that old thing, I was upstairs and suddenly
"JIEHHH!!! We can watch cartoon

This thing is heaveeee I tell you.

See see see?!?!
It says, "PLAY"
Omg *faints*

So we dug out all our ancient Disney and not-so-Disney tapes...

And wheeee!

Watch away!!
I really really miss all my cartoon tapes.
Ben, Brian, you guys weren't born yet.
So yes, they're all mine!
Still mine!
And will always be mine.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

fecking robots

I can see how I'm gonna die now.
Doing robots. Drawing robots, to be more specific.
Of all things, ROBOTS.

Go dig your noses! Blardy robots!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Remember this guy?
Or this?


What about...

You hafta...

By now...

Ivan! Skinny in the middle!

Mr. Nice Guy who..
Is JenRuw grabbing Ivan's chest?!

Anyway, these were all taken during our foundation year.

Ivan decided to leave TOA
(which might not be such a bad idea actually. Ha~ Ha~)
and continue his studies in Aussie.
So last Saturday we what else? Hung out!

-4 July 2009-
We got to school in the morning,
breakfast-ed at the old place, MingTien,
and went hooligan-ing in Pyramid before our movie started.
In Jusco supermarket,
(I wanted to get lychee cincau to suck in the cinema)
we discovered pumpkins! (Why not?)
Johnny: Aah! Look! A weighing machine!
Zen: *whatever his face says*

So the pumpkin weighted 1.17382 kg.

After the movie,
(I recommend Ice Age 3 really!
I hated the first two but this one rocks!)
all went for hey-I'm-still-kinda-full-but-let's-eat-anyway
lunch at Popeyes.
Left- Johnny, Ivan, Andy and look at Zen's face.

Left- Andy and look at what Zen's doing.

Smallest head belongs to Ivon.
Blur face belongs to Kevin.
And wide-smile-face belongs to Qing.

Did somebody punch Andy on his left cheek?
It looks swollen! *Gasp!*

All food remained but all mashed potatoes were gone.
Those were really awesome. Awesome-r than KFC's.

From the other side of the table-
Qing, Wen, Johnny, Ivan look here! and Andy.

See three very different faces?
Ivan looks like a kid as usual.
(Oh how envious)
Andy looks like a bimbo as usual.
(Oh langsung tak jealous)
Zen looks like that usually.
Besides pumpkin, we also discovered SPORKS!

Then we went to this huge underground maze underneath Pyramid.
Turn right. Go straight. Then left.

Take another turn. Straight again. Smile a little.

By the time we found our K room,
Johnny's become a ghost.

Ghosts wear clothes?
Okie okie syok sendiri.

Left- Some lost soul, Ivon, Ivan, Kevin, Zen, Wen.
Qing belum datang laa..

So Ivan, we wish you all the best!
And may you succeed in all that you're doing!
We love you! ^^

Monday, June 29, 2009


I saw something, no, someone, I'm not supposed to see today.

Made me feel all wrong.

All weird-ed out.

Maybe it isn't time yet.


I know it isn't time yet.

At least from my side of the story.

And I don't like it.

Not. One. Bit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Haven't have time to update recently. But here you go!

These are (some of the insane) future animators of our generation. Too many papers too much inking too much 2D too many flipbooks too little oxygen too little socializing and this is what we'll get. It's kinda sad but yeah. The two stars in this clip are Johnny the White-shirted-bear and Leon the Black-pantsed-uhh-uhm-whatever-you-wanna-call-him.

In another occasion, here's the butt I promised to upload! All hail my sis's lappie! Bwaahahahahah! My pc at home couldn't seem to upload or download any damn thing at all! Eeeesh!

Okay brief explanation; short clips done by all DG085-2 G3 students, 17 altogether. Our theme is Box, so everytime a new box appears, it means it's a new someone's work. Guess which is my work kay! Have fun!

So? So? So? Eeehee.

Mine's the random butt trying to get out from the random box with a random fluffy-was-it-even-a-bird-arrh-whatever-laa-yaa thing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gimme back my slippers!

So we were in the 2D lab trying to finish our assignments. Then MinJoo the Korean asked me to help with her story. So I hung around her corner for some time, giving her crazy ideas, enjoying myself, laughing out loud at her expressions. (You should see the way she had her mouth hung open and her brows wrinkled in such a funny way!)

So anyway, then I went back to my seat and started drawing. Well, not exactly. Daniel and Johnny started talking and I joined in and Daniel suddenly very randomly asked me to look up.

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen.

CheaWen: *Looks up without lifting her head*

Daniel: Look down, CheaWen.

CheaWen: *Looks down with face at Daniel's direstion*
(I was suspicious! They might just do something stupid to me)

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen.

(So I did again)

Daniel: Look down, CheaWen.


CheaWen: Ok what's going on Daniel?

(All this while, Johnny was watching)

Daniel: Look up, CheaWen. Are you missing something? You know..

CheaWen: Huh? Takde?

Daniel: You know.. Something that you might need when you go back.. Something on the ground.. Something you wearrr...

(So I looked up up uppp on the ceiling and at the air-cond)


Daniel and Johnny burst out laughing!

They hid my slippers on the air-cond wadahell?!

(2D lab's almost like our home now. Some of us practically lived there till like 12a.m. And it's carpeted and comfy and cold and all I just had to walk in there bare-footed. Smart!)

I had to retrieve my slippers from the air-cond. Obviously I couldn't reach it. I tried climbing on a chair (with freekin wheels!) and poke it down with Daniel's ruler. It dropped on Johnny who was standing nearby (and how stupid, I thought he was actually there to help) and he (bodo bodo bodo) put it back on the air-cond. And laughed out loud very loud again. By that time I was back on the ground. Then I wondered if I could reach it if I jumped. Johnny was already teasing and mocking and behaving very badly. I did. *Sigh* And the both of them burst out laughing again! (Very gentleman-ly both of youuu)

Did I mention that half the class was watching?
And enjoying the scene?

Then I climbed back up the chair with wheels (there isn't any chair without wheels in the lab) and got my slippers back safe and sound. Damn these so-very-I-don't-know-what-to-say-of-them wuliao/bored people.

I shall never take off whatever I'm wearing on my feet in the lab anymore.
I shall take THEIR slippers/shoes and hide them deep inside on the air-cond sometime.

Like anybody else takes off their shoes in the lab.

Monday, June 8, 2009

happy 20th birthday johnny!

The random of the day.
The crap of the week.
The stoopid of the month.
The bear of the year.
The perasan of the century. And,
the sweat case of the millennium.

It all sums up to this fella, Johnny Soon Fung Cheng.

Today we celebrated the bear's birthday at Nando's. (where we saw a bunch of TOA lecturers also celebrating a lecturer's birthday. You know I-Ching's birthday is exactly today as well? Like Johnny's? Such coincidence eyyh? Eeehee..) So yeah.

Lotsa time was spent just choosing which cake to buy. More time was spent standing outside KimGary talking nonsense. A few more hours were spent just deciding to go to Nando's. By the time we finished ordering the food, the sun already set. When the food came, we could already see the moon and count the stars. We finished our food by midnight, thank god. So we spent the rest of the time chit-chatting and laughing like hyenas while feeding the mosquitoes. We finally decided it's time to sing the birthday song and blow the candles when we heard the rooster crow. And so, by the time we left, the sun was up shining brightly again! What a day!

I was crapping.

So anyways.

Johnny the faker-smiler.

He was actually shy!
For the first time in all of our lives!
We witnessed the perasan being shy!
"You guys really wanna sing?"
"Do we need to do this?"

"Do we really need to sing?"

And then,

Here he was hiao-ing as usual.
Trust me.

Got this after paying the bill.
Nando's recycleable bag!
Designed by Melinda Looi.
Thumbs up for Nando's for 'Bagging to keep Mother Nature Hot'!

So the random bear opened up the bag and
put it over his head and exclaimed,
"Ma de! Can fit my entire head in it!"

Last but not least, group picture!
Qing: "Weyy! The composition is awesome!
The Nando's chicken is so in place! Whaahah!"
Johnny: "Of course! Why d'ya think I chose this spot for us?"
Sweat case.
As usual.

Happy Birthday gou shiong!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

don't do this to my butt!!

I can't put my butt up here!

What's wrong with blogspot?

My butt was perfectly visible in the draft.
But when I click 'publish' nothing went up!

Damn blogspot.

I wanna show you guys my butt!

Aww c'mon blogspot.
You're so uncool.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

dear john

I'm so in love with this BOOK can!
Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks.

So touching.
So sad.
So not-happy-ever-after. But that's not my point.
So heart-breaking.
So made-me-cry-a-little.

I love both of the main characters.
I love John and Savannah.

Go check this book out kay.
It's a good love story.
If you don't like mushy stuff, then I warn you, stay away from that book.

I love that book can!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

syed says

There's something bothering me since last Saturday. It's not disturbing. But it's not pleasant either. In another way, it's also freaky. And try as I might to ignore it, it keeps ringing at me from the back of my head.

We had 2D Animation last Saturday morning. By the way, last week was the first week of the sem. I mean, c'mon, it's 2D Animation! So I went into class with high spirit. But somewhere along lecture, Syed (it's pronounced Se-Yed, not Shi-ed) our lecturer said something that left me totally.. Totally.. I don't even know how to describe what I felt.. Or still feel.

Syed said,
"...and you just have to have it in you to do animation. You know, just have to. Some people, on the other hand, just can't do animation. They cannot. No matter how hard they try. It's really no use trying."

Truth hurts.

And I pray I'm not one of the less fortunate that Syed mentioned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

cheawen vs johnny

During class today (Cartoon Character Design. It's an awesome subject weyyy! Well awesome subjects don't just letchu go like that ya know. So obviously, the amount of assignments are also.. "awesome" aiyok. And we have to do more effing robots as finals! Yerrr!!)

Lecturer- LiangWei
Tutor- Darren
Students- CheaWen, Johnny, the rest of the class

Darren: You know, the A&W bear actually has a name. What's his name again. Wait lemme recall. Uhh..

CheaWen: JOHNNY.

The rest of the class: Bwaahahahah!

CheaWen: *thinking* Haa! Gotcha! Mean to me all the time huh! Bwaahahahah!

Then after some time lecturing, Darren decided he would test us by...

Darren: So now, take out your layout pads. I want you to draw..

The rest of the class: *Holds breath!*

Darren: A dog.

The rest of the class: *Takes out layout pads and starts drawing in a very kan-chiong manner*

Johnny: *Very laid-back-ly turns to ChehYi who was sitting beside him* Ok! Let's all look at CheaWen and start drawing.

CheaWen: *Cursing Johnny curse curse curse him*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I wore a white sleeveless top and a long green (Jai Ho) skirt to school.

Andy asked if I forgot to take my medicine.

Johnny asked if I took the wrong medicine.

I made Qing's jaw drop a bit.

Almost everybody from CD085-1 who I bumped into threw me this
"Why so h*ao?!" question.

Johnny was being extremely mean.
Not that he's not every other day.

I spent RM50 on markers.
Markers alone.

I (accidentally) ate beef.

I had one and a half Carl's Jr. burger for RM16 (only) during lunch.

Cheh Yi's bottle EXPLODED during lecture.

I laughed three hours non-stop during Typo class.

I think I made the Typo lecturer hate me already.

Qing and I shared a very halal chicken patty burger after class.

Andy smiles to himself.
Like, a lot.
Like, an idiotic bimbo.
Andy a bimbo?
Sounds normal.

Aaron and Cla and I had Giant's soft ice-cream before going home.

I dirtied my blouse with choc.

I hate the sun.

And I'm officially in love with tortoise-shell sunnies!

And learned never to wear heels if I wear long skirts.
I might trip and fall.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Let's all close our eyes and pray in a minute of silence in respect to our friend,
Reshween Sonia Kaur,
who left us two years ago. Yesterday was her second death anniversary. It would also be her 21st birthday, if she is still around. Happy Birthday girl, wherever you are.

We will never forget you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the bermuafakat meet-up!

Yep! Prema Romono Nair a/p I'm-sorry-I-don't-remember-your-dad's-name-Romono, Raja-ee Atikah Iffah bt Raja Shahrom bin uhh-I-can't-recall-your-grandpa's-name-laa-Rajee and me! Made up the three basic races in Malaysia! Went to the most convenient Aeon yesterday! Damn weird laa can. Actually it's kinda awesome heehee! Like, three Chinese, Indian, Malay walked hand-in-hand down the corridor in the mall. How often do you see that? Mwaahahahah!

Went makan first obviously. Rajee screamed a little when she saw The Chicken Rice Shop. This girl is the number ONE fan of chicken I tell you. Name it! Chicken rice, steamed chicken, fried chicken, chao-ta chicken, chicken balls, chicken nuggets, chicken this this this, chicken that that that. If there is ever a chicken flavoured ice-cream, it has to be her idea. But I wouldn't try it. Eew laa can.

We took like, more than two hours to eat. And make noise. And scream at the baby cockroach at the table beside ours. And laugh like pontianaks. And hit the table like nobody's business. And poke at the already cold chicken. (okay that was me) And chat like MakCiks. And talked so much about when we were way young. And school uniforms. And fartings. (it's very obvious it's Rajee) And lotsa other things. It's almost like 10 years ago kinda feeling. Except that we're very much taller. And prettier. (CHEYYY!! Bwaahahahah!)

After chicken-ing, Rajee wanted to shoot zombies. So we went to the so-called arcade.

This was Rajee showing off her shooting skills.
Rajee: Eleh.. This is damn kacang laa!
(coz Romono and me were like, gasping and saying "Whuaa Rajee you got skill laaa!" Laaa we were lying laa Rajee.. Bwaaahahahah!)

And then Rajee moved up a level and the game became kan-chiong. (how do you say kan-chiong in English? Romono you faham tak? Hahahah!) Then Rajee became very serious. Dead serious I tell you.

Romono: Eeehee!
Rajee: Die! Die! Die!

I loveeee Romono's expression in this pic!
Wth see Rajee's face!
This is what I call syok sendiri okie.

Then the two orang gilas VROOOOM-ed to the left.

And VROOOOM-ed to the right.

Ketuk ketuk on some drums.

And ended up in McD's.

And became gila.

And more gilaa.

Romono: (after the pic was taken)
Eyh Raja's head damn freaky laa!
Soe: *Nods nods nods*

Soe: Let's dig Rajee's nose!
Rajee: Eeeew!
Camera: Kaa-chaak!

Romono: Heyy do the see no evil hear no evil thing!

Soe: I wanna be in the middle! Rajee shoo! Shoo!
Rajee: Eleh budak nih!
Soe: Eyh! Who's doing the eye?!
Who's doing the ear?!
Who's doing the mouth?!
Rajee: Aaahh shut up laa Soe!

Attempt to place our heads on each other's was..
Well.. Poor Romono's head had to be chopped off.

How I miss them. How I miss them. How I really miss them.

Nobody else calls me "Soe". It's like, ancient, that name. Hahah!
Being around these girls, you can be as childish as you want. As loud as you want. As weird as you want. As emo as you want. As shameless as you want. As yourself. And I truly am grateful for having known them. Mmmuuaahhh! :D