Sunday, May 24, 2009

dear john

I'm so in love with this BOOK can!
Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks.

So touching.
So sad.
So not-happy-ever-after. But that's not my point.
So heart-breaking.
So made-me-cry-a-little.

I love both of the main characters.
I love John and Savannah.

Go check this book out kay.
It's a good love story.
If you don't like mushy stuff, then I warn you, stay away from that book.

I love that book can!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

syed says

There's something bothering me since last Saturday. It's not disturbing. But it's not pleasant either. In another way, it's also freaky. And try as I might to ignore it, it keeps ringing at me from the back of my head.

We had 2D Animation last Saturday morning. By the way, last week was the first week of the sem. I mean, c'mon, it's 2D Animation! So I went into class with high spirit. But somewhere along lecture, Syed (it's pronounced Se-Yed, not Shi-ed) our lecturer said something that left me totally.. Totally.. I don't even know how to describe what I felt.. Or still feel.

Syed said,
"...and you just have to have it in you to do animation. You know, just have to. Some people, on the other hand, just can't do animation. They cannot. No matter how hard they try. It's really no use trying."

Truth hurts.

And I pray I'm not one of the less fortunate that Syed mentioned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

cheawen vs johnny

During class today (Cartoon Character Design. It's an awesome subject weyyy! Well awesome subjects don't just letchu go like that ya know. So obviously, the amount of assignments are also.. "awesome" aiyok. And we have to do more effing robots as finals! Yerrr!!)

Lecturer- LiangWei
Tutor- Darren
Students- CheaWen, Johnny, the rest of the class

Darren: You know, the A&W bear actually has a name. What's his name again. Wait lemme recall. Uhh..

CheaWen: JOHNNY.

The rest of the class: Bwaahahahah!

CheaWen: *thinking* Haa! Gotcha! Mean to me all the time huh! Bwaahahahah!

Then after some time lecturing, Darren decided he would test us by...

Darren: So now, take out your layout pads. I want you to draw..

The rest of the class: *Holds breath!*

Darren: A dog.

The rest of the class: *Takes out layout pads and starts drawing in a very kan-chiong manner*

Johnny: *Very laid-back-ly turns to ChehYi who was sitting beside him* Ok! Let's all look at CheaWen and start drawing.

CheaWen: *Cursing Johnny curse curse curse him*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I wore a white sleeveless top and a long green (Jai Ho) skirt to school.

Andy asked if I forgot to take my medicine.

Johnny asked if I took the wrong medicine.

I made Qing's jaw drop a bit.

Almost everybody from CD085-1 who I bumped into threw me this
"Why so h*ao?!" question.

Johnny was being extremely mean.
Not that he's not every other day.

I spent RM50 on markers.
Markers alone.

I (accidentally) ate beef.

I had one and a half Carl's Jr. burger for RM16 (only) during lunch.

Cheh Yi's bottle EXPLODED during lecture.

I laughed three hours non-stop during Typo class.

I think I made the Typo lecturer hate me already.

Qing and I shared a very halal chicken patty burger after class.

Andy smiles to himself.
Like, a lot.
Like, an idiotic bimbo.
Andy a bimbo?
Sounds normal.

Aaron and Cla and I had Giant's soft ice-cream before going home.

I dirtied my blouse with choc.

I hate the sun.

And I'm officially in love with tortoise-shell sunnies!

And learned never to wear heels if I wear long skirts.
I might trip and fall.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Let's all close our eyes and pray in a minute of silence in respect to our friend,
Reshween Sonia Kaur,
who left us two years ago. Yesterday was her second death anniversary. It would also be her 21st birthday, if she is still around. Happy Birthday girl, wherever you are.

We will never forget you.