Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Memang lama never update this site hahah!
Okay life's been boring. Mehh.
BUT. After the many many semesters discussing about it,
I finally met XiaoQING in KuCHING! (get the ching!)
And Betty Then.
Totally. Love. Her. Qing's mum laa!
Anyone reading this should meet her can?
She's absolutely lovable and cuddle-able and kissable and aiyoh-able.
I like Sarawak. Sangat-sangat!

BL to van driver: "Bang! Stop stoppp! Kami mau tangkap kucing sikijap!"
Me: "Omg TANGKAP kucing."
Driver: "Boleh. Boleh. Tangkap lah."
>Elly, BL, me.

This was in Sibu.
The longhouse we visited was 140 years old.
I was walking and dancing on 140-year-old Belian wood!
Y'know, Belian's the toughest wood in the world.
Termites will break their teeth(?) if they try to bite it.
And I was thinking, people who built this longhouse was probably wearing only loincloth!
Honestly, I was very very amazed. VERY.

>CK, Joyce the Sibuan, Elly, BL, me.
Joyce: "Why you wanna come Sibu? There's nothing here.
So small. Want to get lost also difficult. Next time don't come liao laa."
All of us: "WTH?"

Oh oh the Bidayuh (was it Bidayuh?) women dressed me up!
Hahah! Full costume!
woman: "Kamu takda rambut."
=.=" Yenadei.
Sangat-sangat heavy omg. The corset's made of bronze.

And my banana socks looked sangat-sangat lost with the whole costume.

Banyak-banyak accessories too.

Okayyy back to Kuchingching.
You're awesome if you can KAYAK 10 KM in the rain.
Therefore, I'M AWESOME.

Okay laa.
WE'RE awesome.

The two makcik there?
Yeah. They're PRO at:
1) kayaking to the left or right, never straight.
2) aiming kayak at big rocks.
3) hitting tree branches.
4) screaming.

First it drizzled.
Then it stopped.
Then it drizzled again.
Stopped again.
Then it rained.
Then it's satisfied.

I don't remember doing that!
When did I do that?!

The colour might not be pretty, but the water's lovely!
And the pebbles are prickly.

I don't remember doing that too!
Buntut cramp?

Next day.
Bako National Park.

South China Sea.
Eh? Not yet.
And the fella handling our boat was wearing
a shirt and an underwear. That's it.

Saw lotsa local people on boats, fishing, and wearing only underwear, too.
*blink blink*

After jungle trekking for 700m,
beach yay beach!
>siaopo, sampatpo, siaolang.

Huge rock formations on the left and right.
Sangat-sangat beautiful sea view at the back.
Lagi beautiful forest view in front.

BL: "Take picture. Why you so kayu wan?"
This kayu! Broke liao!