Thursday, February 26, 2009

i definitely don't wanna be the bottom one

This is how you're graded if you study in TOA.
You get:
"Bravo" if your work is excellent;
"Cool" if your work is good;
"Nice" if your work is hmm-nods-not-bad-nods;
"Ok" if your work is so-so;
and "Em" if your work is.. Well.. If your work makes people go "Em.."


"WALAU" if your work is..
Well.. You know..

According to ZeLin, our Life Drawing lecturer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

late #2

Omg ini apa?!This is Brian.

In the car.
On the way to Melaka.

So yeah, we went Melaka the other day. Random family trip. Seriously, I don't know whaaaay my dad likes Melaka so much. Okay I admit I like it too. =P So we reached there at night.
Where else do you go on a weekend night when you're in Melaka?
Jonker Walk.

Came across this awesome lady.
You gotta salute this woman weyyy.

Look at that!
I can't write like that!
I can't even copy those down!
I can't even write my name in Chinese properly!

We found this cute pair of glasses one of the stalls was selling.
And decided that Brian would look good in it.

And Ben too.

And Ann my sis too.

And maybe me too?

you see this?

See the bruise on my shoulder?
From far.

And up close.

Now you must be wondering,
"How on earth (!) did I get my shoulder bruised?!"

That's how.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

quick one

Owhkay I know I haven't been updating lately. So here's a quick one, going through most of well-kinda-interesting-hmm-but-I'm-not-sure-if-oh-well-just-read-laa stuff that took place the past few days.

There was a (just practice) fire drill in school the other day. Everybody (or so we thought) was evacuated and lepak-ed on the patch of grass directly opposite the main block of the school.

The next few photos were taken in Drama class.
This was SannDee playing cancer patient.
Of course, during the play she had to pretend to be emo.

This is Jullie, the syok-sendiri of the century.
She was a psychopath that day.
Of course I mean in her play.

CheaWen was a mad professor who wanted to conquer the world.
She honestly felt like a "bien tai" during play.

This is Johnny the assassin.
I'm serious.
Look what we've done to the assassin by the end of the day?
Actually, it was his own idea.
Johnny, the AhBengGeekNerd Assassin.

Of course, a group picture is compulsory.
Clockwise from CheaWen; Duy, Johnny, Jullie,
ChehYi, Nicholas and SannDee.

Andy with my
don't-let-arh-aww-too-bad glasses.
Notice Andy's eyes are like, 100 times bigger?

In another entirely different event.
Well, the picture says it all, no?

Monday, February 9, 2009

20-people chap goh mei dinner

Yep! The title says it all!
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. =)

Johnny did all the food ordering.
And well, the food was good! =D
Pork hand and whatsitcalledagain vege.
Is there really a difference between pork hand and pork leg?
Why isn't this thing called pork leg/foot instead?

Brinjal+long bean and steamed whatsitcalled fish.
Owh I remember now!
Afican fish.

(African fish?)

We lousang-ed the pork hand dish.
We scooped the sauce and let it drip from our spoons.
We took the mushrooms and dropped it back.
And we poked the piece of pork with forks and spoons.
Owhkay owhkay.
We syok-sendiri can?

The very-salty-slightly-spicy-kinda-oily-but-
ginger-which-I-don't-like chicken dish
And Jen Ruw was gonna put the pork limb into the dish.

Group picture!
Table with me.
But I was taking the picture.

Table without me.
Andy (guy with black shirt) was trying to be romantic
with Nicholas (guy with white shirt facing back).
*Andy!!! I didn't know!!!*

late #1

31 Jan 09 (also 6th day of CNY)
Mum decided to treat the family (literally just Mum's side) to some awesome dishes which she and my eldest aunt cooked. Mum actually cooked! Like, I haven't seen her cook in decades! The moon must be pink that night. Damn I forgot to check. (owhkay syok-sendiri)

Crabs in the middle. Prawns in sauce. Vege with mushrooms. Curry chicken dry-style. Very herbal chicken soup. Pork. And (the) egg-plus-sausage (is missing).

Close-up! (The peaceful) Uncle Lim sipping on super hot soup.

Then the first batch of people had their dinner.
(guy posing desperately is Nick, my omigawd-ly skinny cousin)
>>Nick, Uncle Lim, Jacqueline, Aunt Sim.

Across the table.
>>Ben, super cool Yehyeh, Dad.

Then the kids/children/not-marrieds/still-singles/school-ings played on the dancing mat.
*Why do you people have to pull your pants like that??*
>>Cindy(sitting), Amilia, Jesson, Nick, Amanda(half-hidden)

And the ke-po's looking from behind.

Meanwhile, the adults/old-people/marrieds/not-single-anymore mahjong-ed.
*It's like, the house was divided into two sections.*
>>Uncle Ho, man-I-don't-know-the-name(not related), Dad, Yehyeh.
*Fact: Yehyeh's 79 and NOT a single health problem!*

The (ahemn) MakCiks (omg if my mum or my aunt sees this) decided to give Mickey Dance a shot! The cheering was like, loud!
I mean, LOUD!!

>>MakCiks in action: Mum(orange shirt), Aunt Geik(red top).

This was when the tv screen shouted "FAILED!"
Everyone roared in laughter! (Yes, roared!)

The uncles of the family (oops. I don't mean Ama) lepak-ing in the living room.
They got tired playing mahjong after like, a few minutes.
(Okay I lied. I don't remember how long they played.)

Syok-sendiri duo.
>>Ann(my sis), Ben(my bro).

Ini siapa???
Hahahahah! Shen (glasses) and Faye (stupid face) came too. Kerry and SueLyn were ill so they didn't make it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i found...

I was flipping through my sketch book I used back in Sem 2. On the last few pages, I found little things that I jotted down during a motivational talk (yeah TOA gives these kind of talks every now and then. It's actually quite cool y'know) by Veronica Ho (TOA co-founder). I find her talk very interesting. It was actually pretty inspiring! On the other hand, it was also damn typical, in a TOA sort of way. (I'm complimenting okay)

So the stuff I'd written down was...
"I wanna be the animator! Y'know... Like, THE animator; five years from now."
(set a goal and time. It creates pressure but at the same time keeps you going.)
"Make the move yourself! Seriously, Cheawen!"

"I wanna make RM500 a month while studying. Then, after I've graduated, RM3000 a month. Then! Cheawen you gotta earn more than RM5000 five years into working career! I give you five years, okay?!"
"Ooolaalaa~ Then aim for 5-digit pay weyy!"

"Share your dreams... That's where you'll be guided through the correct path... People will show the way..."

"Retirement = Absolute freedom of time and doing things you love most!"
"Every retirement comes with a figure."
"I wanna retire with at least 9 million. Yes! Cheawen can do it!"

"People who dream big are the ones who are excitingly making changes in the world."
(this is my favourite quote from Veronica that day)
"Be passionate! Really! No, really!"

"Learn with Master and Honour."

"Super designers love their assignments."
"Cheawen loves her assignments too!"
(at this point, I realize my previous post was about how much Perspective sucks. Uh-oh.)

"Olympics gold-medalists don't have Olympics gold-medalist coaches."
(another awesome quote of that day)

"Cheawen, when you grow up, you will not be a businesswoman. You will be somebody who convinces people to change."
"(But first, you gotta convince yourself to change.)" So true.

"There is NO short-cut in life. Accept that, Cheawen."

"Cheawen, do you know why you wanna learn?"
"The art of learning: learn the 5-star way; and be a 5-star learner."

"You yourself, one person, cannot make any change. Therefore, support and encourage each other. You need others to succeed and to make an impact in the industry."

"Be somebody exciting!"
(I totally love this one)
"Temporary recognition? No! Permanent recognition! Way after you're dead! Awesome~"
"Mission Not-Impossible! Whooo!"

"Rub cheeks! And roarrr! (kadavalei~)"
(don't ask. I don't even know why I wrote that)

"Don't be serious about work. (OMG!) Be serious about your progress. (Owh...)"

"Cheawen's a great learner!"

"So what? As long as you give your very best!"

"Visit places not as visitors, but as sharp designers."

(say) "Thank you." (often)
(but say) "I love you." (even more often)

"Success is effortless. (Yeah? Yeah!)"
(I totally love this too)

I've forgotten most of the things I'd written down. But typing all these things here makes me really... Semangat! I'm all "Okay, I wanna do my assignments now!" I actually remember the feeling sitting in the AVH (audio-visual hall) listening to Veronica and getting all pumped-up. I hope I can keep this spirit up! When you have semangat, all your works will turn out damn nice! Even last-minute ones~ (but only up to own expectation) Hahah! Still... =P

"Success is effortless."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

damn perspective

So we're officially 10 days into this Moomoo year.

I (also) officially find that Perspective Study is friggin' tough! I mean, I know, I expected it to be hard. But not to this extend! Perspective is just... Just... Sweatifying! (??? this word doesn't exist but... You get what I mean?) It makes you go "Oumaigawd~". It makes you sleep on your table without meaning to. It makes you blink and blink and blink. Then think, "Crap! Am I stupid or something?" It makes you whine. It makes you hate ruler all the more. You can't just understand right away what the lecturer teaches. It takes time. And practices. Sheesh I'd better buck up.

Anyway, here are some pics of our first Perspective assignment. We were asked to draw (with zero knowledge whatsoever about perspective) any corner of anywhere that we find interesting. And for a person who hates using ruler, I'm pretty proud of myself. I scored 7/10!

(The second assignment was to draw our bedrooms, or a dream bedroom. I'm sure I did pretty badly. Hahah! Will let y'all see when we get it back. And we handed in our third today! Yay! That means new assignment for us. Cis. Will put it up when it's returned to us.)

Staircase at home.

Corner of kitchen.

McD's in Pyramid.