Monday, February 22, 2010

random #7

This is the most random of all randoms
I've ever blogged about.

when I marry. If I ever marry.

Eee. Wait.

I think.
I don't wanna get married.

No marriage. No babies.
I'll date.
I'll get involved in a relationship.
I'll commit.
And I'll adopt.

I'm awesome.

Ok laa.
The marriage part?
I'll think about it.
For now, don't even mention about it.
Tak payah can?

Monday, February 8, 2010

dear soe chea wen


You still have lots to learn, can?


Learn to observe.
Learn to concentrate.
Learn to think.
Learn to use your brain. Please.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

kuih bahulu yo!

What happened to my do-nothing-else-but-assignment Saturday???
This happened: >500 biji kuih bahulu!
But super sedap ones I'm telling you!
So, assignments! Assignments? What assignment?

Mum's Kitchen Aid which she used like, one.. Two.. Two times.
As far as I remember. Yep. Two times.
(I'm gonna die soon.)

The eggs-sugar-flour mixture. Smells good yo!
Oh we did it the old-fashioned way. Outdoors. No oven.

Charcoal. C.h.a.r.c.o.a.l.!
But it gives the best result. Evah!
I think I ate what? 15? 20? Pieces of k. bahulu from the first batch.
I'm a pig. I know.

This is Mum.
Adding more flour. With a very sour face.
(I'm gonna die soon.)

This is Mum.
Happy with her mixture.
(I'm gonna die soon.)

Aunt and Mum. Filling the what's-that-thing-called with e-s-f mixture.
The heat from the burning charcoal, I tell you!
Gotta salute these two MakCiks weyy.
(It's a compliment!)

Aunt poking the not-sure-if-it's-done kuih bahulu.
Nice to see. Nice to smell. Even nicer to eat.
But the metal lid with charcoal on it is so SO heavy.
H.e.a.v.y. I tell you.

Poking one by one out. With a toothpick.
P.a.n.a.s. know?

Aaahh! Maaaa!
She's the kindest, warmest, most awesome gramma
who sulks if I don't do as I'm told.
Which gramma s.u.l.k.s. you tell me?

MakCiks gossiping.

So some kuih bahulu went h.a.n.g.u.s.
MakCik power!
(I'm gonna die soon.)

This is my sis. Sorting out the k. bahulus.
By the door. Blocking the way. Her super big butt.

This is me.
Adding flour into the eggs-and-sugar-only mixture.

"Did a fly just fly inside?

My sis was saying how thick my face is,
how big my cheeks are,
how stupid I look after she took the picture.
P.e.m.a.k.a.i. g.i.g.i. p.a.l.s.u.

And while all the girls were busy-ing their b.u.n.t.u.t. off,
my bro was in front of the Tv.
With his b.u.n.t.u.t. to me.
"Whatchu lookin at?"

Now he has bones.

Now he has NO bones.

A.t. a.l.l.


Monday, February 1, 2010

random #6

Ok the last post was super emo!

This blog is so gonna mati!


Need to do something.