Sunday, October 31, 2010



It was the last piece of its kind in the shop.
Mehh the boss won't give discount. He claims it's already discounted.
Brought it home and found SO MANY fingerprints on its body.

Ok it's wiped.
Looks so handsome, eyy?
Love its colour.
Love the way it sounds.

The.. The..
What do you call these things?
Knobs of sorts. And the things you could twist at the side.
So shiny! I sukah!

Comes with a bag.
No laa. Few extra ringgits for that bag.
Still cheaper than buying the bag separately.

Got all these for free!
Eyy apasal the picture so dark haa?
(clockwise from top)
Mineral oil (?) for maintenance of strings.
Piece of cloth to wipe the shiny wood surface.
Picks of different thickness? Hardness? Dunno.
And a matching strap. Leather on ends.

Wait arr. I wipe the blood off my wallet first.
Ben's my slave from now on.

Monday, October 25, 2010

check this out

Model (model?): Elaine Low
Location: Bedroom in condo.
Photographer: CheaWen
Tatto design: CheaWen
Tattoo artist: Benny
That's totally right man!
This piece of "paradise" I drew
is permanently etched on Elaine's back for the rest of her life weyy!
Believe it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

steamboat @ elaine's

Again. Hahah!

We got the food prepared like, way ahead of schedule. But we only got to eat at 9 something.
Dinner at 9 something! Could've died.
No, Hippo and I shared a packet of Maggi while waiting for the freaking soup to arrive.
(Weird? Yeah. We tapao the soup)

It was like this for TWO HOURS.

So damn free.

So damn neat.

The obscenity.
CY on Hippo.
I swear I heard something crack.

Put this. This also. This. Oi! This leh?

Nah. Put laa. Put. Put. Put summore. Put.

25% this + 75% Red Bull = t.o.t.a.l. a.w.e.s.o.m.e.n.e.s.s.
25% this + 75% grapefruit juice = t.o.t.a.l. E.W.W.n.e.s.s.

First to leave. So picture! Picture!
CheaWen + Elaine.

Kerry damn selamba eyy.

Kerry + CheaWen.

Hahah! Buntut!
Elaine took this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

button badges for rajee

So the other day Rajee a.k.a. Raja Atikah Iffah bt. Raja Shahrom
conned me into designing button badges for a campaign she's organizing.
It's to do with plagiarism.

Apa kaitan with psychology huh?

And we were discussing yadaa yadaa yadaa about what tagline might be catchy
while wandering aimlessly in Pyramid and I came up with this:
"I'm not plagiarizing! Am I?"
I liked it.
She loved it.

So Rajee ranted summore and hahah ok I'm joking.
She then selamba-ly asked me to come up with
designs for button badges because
"bookmarks are just so boring."
(Note: Bitchy mode; ON.)

I thought of messing around with typo.
Make it look more sophisticated and matured kan.
Coz we're UNI students now.

I like these.
I'd actually pin 'em on my bag if you gimme one.
Then Rajee randomly called me and suggested the no-entry/no-parking signs.
Turns out like this.
The one on the right is just for fun.
Humour kan.

A few days later, Rajee called again.
"Soey ah. Can put cartoon inside ah?
Make it cuuute mah-hah-hah-hah!"

Turns out like these.
I like the first pair.
I'm fine with the second pair.
I don't like the last pair.
So yeah.
Happy campaign-ing Rajee! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

things i need to remember

#1 My appetite for life.

Just bear that in mind, okay?
Nothing else matters. And everything else will turn out awesome.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last post was a month and a half ago.

Damn fast can?

Anyway, my current status: I-think-I'm-kinda-sorta-depressed.
Whatever depressed means. To me, it's not being yourself.

I am so not myself lately. So, so not.

Oh! Meet my new best friend, Moodswing.

One moment, I feel like a superstar! (Aaron can imagine very well how I'd go saying that line out loud) I feel awesome. On top of the world! Nothing can bring me down!
Next, I feel as lousy as shit. Shit. I feel lousier than shit. Most of the time, it's nothing. Nothing happened, and suddenly I feel like a loser. I inhaled, and think I'm mentally weak. I made myself breakfast, and think I suck. I drive to work, and think I'm a failure.

Well, when dealing with people, it's half honest, half pretense. It's not difficult, but it's not easy either. But it's not like that with everyone. I'm honest and true when being with people I love and really care about. Somehow, I'm positive when they're around.

Blogging after such a long break and already ranting so much. UN-awesome stuff summore. Cheh. Anywayyy.