Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Don't put your hopes too high. You'll get disappointed."

A stupid fella told this to me today. Funny, coz it almost felt as if he was talking about himself. And that fleeting pang of disappointment I felt. Please arr, it wasn't small.

I wonder what changed. How did you change?

Thing is, I welcome change. Change is good. If you change for the better, that is. Well if some changes are unavoidable, and it changes you for the worse, I really really hope it's only temporary.

This is me. If I love you enough, I would do more than enough for you. (I'm referring to people I love and care about in general) But if you think my doing more than enough for you is still not enough, I think you're taking me for granted.

Sometimes, I wish you can see all that's happening around you with your heart instead. Coz your head can't feel, idiot.


Clarissa Kor Weini said...

hahahahaha! 'Your head can't feel, idiot!' hahahahahahahahaha! How come I got a feeling that I know this person? Do I know this person?

w.e.n. said...

Yeah? I dunno if you know this person. You know this person? ;)

Clarissa Kor Weini said...

I think so... hahahahahahahahah!