Wednesday, March 7, 2012

this is kinda personal

I really miss my high school days.

I miss my life back then. Simple. Carefree.

I miss the me that I was. I laughed all the time.

I miss loving things I love.

Loving people I love. Not that I don't love them now.

But most of all, I miss being passionate.

I remember basketball. Crazy times. No, really, like CRAZY crazy hahah!

I remember scribbling everything everywhere. Vandalism, I know.

I remember exams. Hahahahahah exams. Mehhh.

Tuition classes. Saturdays of activities at school. Projects. Events. Homework. Annoying the hell out of teachers. Random farts attacks. MIA's. My favourite pondok at the basketball court. THE BASKETBALL. Competitions. The hi's and bye's. The long talks. The laughs and cries and all the stolen moments. And nonsense.

And people.

Apa jadi lahhh..

1 comment:

Clarissa Kor Weini said...

I don't ever wanna leave high school! T_T!